in Misc. Diary Entry

January 29, 1934

1934, January 29, Monday

Real cloudy in the night and snowed until ground was covered at breakfast time, continued cloudy and more snow fell until quit and p.m. sun shone but was cold all day, 2 below and sunrise and never got more than 8 above all day. I wrote in my diary and went to Kitchen and before dinner made some doughnuts and in p.m. Maggie, Ben, Rita (Mike) and I played cards, then Ben went home and Will played. He was sick all day with a cold but a little better in p.m. Rita helped Maggie with the work. Maggie popped corn in eve. Fritz, Maggie and I played cards after supper and Will slept on davenport and Rita read a story. Ben came to go to town with Will and Tom but Tom no come as he broke his truck up west of St. Francis when [he went] for wood, and had to ride home with William and Narvin Saturday eve and got truck yesterday (I guess). Mrs. John Boyd, William Whiting and Mose came this p.m. on way to the store and brought our meat-sow home. Fritz gave cattle alfalfa in a.m., and p.m. got a load of hay in hills for them. It was 8 months to-day that I got hurt and no walk to-day.