in Misc. Diary Entry

January 27, 1934

1934, January 27, Saturday

A nice moonlight night, bright, nice day and was warm as yesterday. Maggie got meals, baked bread, mopped down stairs, baked a cake to take to dance at Hidden Timber Hall, so Will took her up there after supper and got the mail, then he and I read and he bathed before retiring. Fritz got 2 loads hay in hills and the one in forenoon was put in the barn. He went to Lattimores for the week-end after supper. After choring this a.m. Will got Ben’s wagon and cleaned Mike’s Stall in barn and Fritz unloaded it at the gate S.E. of house going into barn-yard fence. Ben came back with Will and he helped put manure on wagon and went home. I made 2 slips for cushions, read several stories and played solitaire. Will and I played cards after supper before he went to store.