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January 26, 1934: I just worked at receipt-books

1934, January 26, Friday

Partly cloudy but warm, 58 above in p.m. Ben Clausen came to his traps this a.m. but not here to-day, was here yesterday but no stay. I just worked at receipt-books, for Will got a composition book in town yesterday and I am putting Meat Curing and all about meats in this book but paper is poor so not much good, also read magazines and played solitaire, and after supper Maggie and I played rummy, for Will and Fritz read magazines. John Wisenberger stopped on way to Whiting School to Hog-Corn Meeting in the eve. Maggie got meals and all the other necessary work, also cleaned up-stairs. Fritz got 2 loads hay and put all in barn but a little of one load on big-feed rack. Will helped chored and fixed hen-house nests & windows.