in Misc. Diary Entry

January 25, 1934

1934, January 25, Wednesday

Sun shone except awhile at mid-day was partly cloudy. Was 34 above in p.m. I worked at receipt-book and read and played solitaire and after supper Maggie and I played rummy. Maggie got meals and ironed clothes and the other necessary work. Will and Fritz cleaned coop in a.m., and in p.m. Fritz got a load of hay in the hills for the stock and chored and after supper he went in his Ford to Jerome Jamison’s to visit. Bud [Harold] Whiting came and Will went up to store with him after dinner and then he went with Tom Whiting and Lyle E. Jamison to Winner and they brought back 28 poles for us in eve from Big-Tail land, and Tom and Will ate supper. Thomas is fair after appendix operation at Rosebud Hospital.