in Misc. Diary Entry

January 23, 1934: Durham Tobacco Sacks

1934, January 23, Tuesday

A few clouds but warm and towards noon a strong wind, real dusty in p.m. and temperature was 58 above at mid-day. I ripped Durham Tobacco Sacks, 36 of them and sewed together to put over lard jar, the 12 gallons as tobacco keeps out all odors, and lard will keep fresh for a long time, and finished another receipt book and slept in p.m. Maggie washed the clothes and got meals and mopped the kitchen. Fritz got 2 loads of hay in the hills N.W. of here where he hauls most of this winter. Will chored, went to store and got his tobacco, etc. then fixed tire and pump for car. Ben Clausen came after dinner, so he and Will hung out to smoke some salt beef we had in a jar and also gave sausage the first smoking, then Will took Ben to Vern Cousers to see if he had a male hog.