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January 22, 1934: Sealed with lard, a novel idea

1934, January 22, Monday

Bright and a strong N.W. wind and dusty for awhile early a.m. then wind went down and was a nice day, about 48 above. Will chored and started to help Fritz put hay-rack together and a burr didn’t fit so he (Fritz) went to Wm Chauncey’s and fixed it and in p.m. they put wagon together and Fritz hauled a load of alfalfa for the calves, then the men fixed track in barn. Ben Clausen came with some butter and got an old soldering iron so he could fix his separator that the Cihak boys sold him and he helped Will fill and smoke sausage. Will had a slight cold so he rested at noon and in p.m. he helped Fritz put alfalfa in calf Rack and the other work as mentioned. I mixed more salt in the sausage and put it in the press for Will and Ben and worked at my receipt-book and rested in p.m. and fried sausage paddies late p.m. and took a bath in eve. Maggie got meals, all the other necessary work and cooked 6 1 lb. coffee cans of sausage in the oven and sealed with lard, a novel idea. We played rummy and pitch after supper. Lawrence Arcoren and 2 white men came for Henry’s horses.