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January 20, 1934: Pickled pigs’ feet sandwiches

1934, January 20, Saturday

Bright, nice day and 50 above at mid-day. Maggie and I worked at the meat, she ground sausage and Hamburger. Fritz helped some at meal-times and I fried Pork-chops, rendered lard and mixed the sausage late eve and was so tired I ached all over. Maggie also baked bread and got meals and went to Hidden Timber with Tom when he brought Will home about 9:30 p.m., for Will, B. J. Wagner and Iner Sorensen went with Tom Whiting to Winner to-day and Will got wagon fixed at Norman Blacksmith Shop and home late eve, so when Tom came, Maggie rode to dance at hall. Fritz worked at fence around barn-yard and chored and after supper he went to Lattimores for the week-end as usual. We also fixed pickled pigs’ feet by taking out the bones and making it into a sandwich spread, so Maggie took these kind of sandwiches to the dance as it was a dance at Hall for Catholic Benefit, Carl Dietz Orchestra, Mr. plays Violin, son Organ, Daughter Guitar.

  1. Carl (Diez) Dietz that is mentioned in the article is my grandfather. He did play the violin, not sure which son played the organ, probably Donovan, and Ellen a.k.a. Sr. Doretta, played the guitar.

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