in Misc. Diary Entry

January 19, 1934: Nick Nickereen is our new beaux now

1934, January 19, Friday

Bright, nice day, the temperature rose to 48 above. I staid in kitchen all day and cut the rest of the pork which was 3 halves, for I cut one half of the small hogs last eve and cut all the lard-meat and trimmed meat for sausage and in eve was all in. Maggie got meals and rendered lard and packed jars with spare-ribs, for Wm Whiting and Narvin Boyd cut the ribs in eve. Wm, Narvin and Mose Boyd came at noon and they butchered a roan cow and small hog that Wm traded from Will for a cow that is going to have a calf. Will got Ben Clausen and Pan Van Epps (Pat was at Wm’s) and they took some meat to Jelo Big Tail at O’Kreek and borrowed Charles Moore’s and Jim Wright’s axes and they cut the rest of the poles of Jelo’s, took lunch and home early eve and Pat staid here to go home with Boyd’s, for Mr. Boyd and Narvin bought a new Ford Tudor. Seth Whiting came on horseback in late p.m. and staid for evening. Nick Nickereen in our new beaux now. Fritz hauled 2 loads hay from the hills and gave both to the stock.