in Misc. Diary Entry

January 18, 1934: a good horse

1934, January 18, Thursday

Cloudy and 29 above at 10 o’clock a.m. and was chilly all day. I fixed the account book and wrote in this diary, looked for Liver Sausage Recipe and it was pasted in one of the homemade cook-books, then I helped with meat. Will finished choring and cut up the large hog and visited with Nick Nickereen, who came horse-back late p.m. to see Old Mike and size him up as a good-horse, and he and Will had pie and coffee, and he went home, and Will helped Fritz stack a load of hay on big-stack as he gave one to stock that he hauled in a.m. He hauls hay these days from the hills Northwest. Maggie went with Ira Sells to Henry Sells last evening and came back at mid-night. She got meals and did the necessary work, and she and I made liver-sausage and she packed some jars of spare-ribs to can, started to render lard and helped Will salt the big hog. I cut sausage and lard and started to cut up a small hog.