in Misc. Diary Entry

January 17, 1934

1934, January 17, Wednesday

Another bright, nice day and temperature rose to 54 above after dinner so one could go out-side without wraps. I staid in front-room except to rest awhile in p.m. and towards eve Maggie and I cleaned casings for Wm Whiting nearly finished them after each butchering, for Will, Ben, Seth and Wm Whiting butchered 2 small hogs in p.m. Seth came from Moore Creek before dinner and Wm staid all last night so he and Will put weights on the little bull’s horns, and Ben Clausen and Iner Sorensen came this a.m., so they visited and Sorensen came to look at Snip (The Mule), and if he sells his horse, he may buy it. Pat Karnes stopped yesterday morning on his way to Nelson’s (Fred) where he got an old car and dragged or hauled it behind his homemade trailer back home in p.m. Fritz hauled the last of Brown hay in a.m. and went to hills in p.m. for a load on big-stack, first one to cattle. Will took Wm & Ben home in eve and went to Otto Rothley’s and Jay Tate’s to see if he could get sausage grinder, and it was at Pete Karnes, and he was to get the Saturday Evening Post at Tate’s and they don’t get it any more, but we maybe can get it at Ross’s, so he came to store and paid for hauling that last corn Tom got for us, also squared up on all we owed the store and came back late for supper. Ira Sells [was] here in eve.