in Misc. Diary Entry

January 16, 1934: Our 16th Wedding Anniversary

1934, January 16, Tuesday (Our 16th Wedding Anniversary)

Bright, nice after a frosty morning was 38 above in p.m. I staid in front-room and read some magazines, made a clothes-pin bag, slept in p.m. and played solitaire, and helped Ben figure his Corn-Hog Income, and after supper Ira Sells from Wagner, S.D., who is at Clarence Sells, came to visit Maggie and he, Maggie, Fritz, Wm Whiting and I played rummy and Will read magazines. Will, after choring, went to Ben’s, got him, on to Wm Whiting’s at Dave’s place, got him, on to see Loren Walton at Road-work south of Wheelers, and Loren said that there were 8 bunches of A E. Brown’s hay at Jackson School-house, so Fritz went in p.m. for a load, he got one in hills in the forenoon, and they put both loads in big stack, except 1/3 of load was given to weaning calves. Ben, Wm and Will butchered the old Sow by skinning it and Wm staid all night and Ben walked home. Mr. Fred Drueker, from west of store, came to borrow our lard press, he had his daughter Dorthy with him. Will, Maggie and I are getting over the bad colds we had and there is less coughing.