in Misc. Diary Entry

January 15, 1934

1934, January 15, Monday

A beautiful day, the thermometer was 38 above at mid-day and just a few thin clouds in p.m. I staid in front-room and worked at the receipt book a little and rested after dinner, then Wm Whiting came and Maggie, he and I played rummy before and after supper, and Fritz played with us after supper. Maggie got the meals and did the necessary work. Fritz fixed at some fence down by barn and in p.m. he got a load of hay in the hills for the stock and chored in the eve. Will went to Winner via Hidden Timber and attended a sale at the pavilion and got a few groceries and gave Jelo Big Tail at O’Kreek 2 lbs. coffee, $1.00 Sugar and 4 cents cash to apply on poles and home before bed-time.