in Misc. Diary Entry

January 14, 1934

1934, January 14, Sunday

A beautiful horizon just at sunrise, then clouded and thermometer registered at 10:30 a.m. 34 above and clear at noon and was a beautiful p.m. Will did the chores and Ben Clausen came, and he and Ben went to Wm Pierce’s, where they had dinner, then went in Pierce Truck to Oak Creek, N.E. of J. T. Hansen place, got 60 large poles and back here at about 7 p.m., then we had supper. Noble Moore was at Pierce’s as he rides with Pierce to the boarding school, he works 5 days there, and Pierce trucks at Rosebud 5 days each week so he rode over here with the men. Maggie and I were along until in p.m. when the Tom Sazama Family came, Mr. & Mrs., George, Alice, Helen, Edward, Tommy and Johnny, so we played cards in p.m. Maggie got the meals, did the neccesary work she does each day. I just read and played cards and took a bath in a.m. and it cured the cold I had in my head, which ached this a.m., and Will also has a cold. Fred Long’s daughter died Friday morning and was taken to Chamberlain, So. Dak. yesterday for burial. They live on Noah Wright’s place on Moore Creek.