in Misc. Diary Entry

January 13, 1934

1934, January 13, Saturday

Cold morning and night, was six above zero at daylight, for Will, Maggie and Fritz get up early but I don’t until they eat but they were eating breakfast when I came out this morning. Sun shone bright and temperature rose to 36 above. All this day I cleaned bay-window and library-table, and sorted letters and papers this day and began to have a cold in head in eve. Fritz’s wrist is better to-day so he hauled 2 loads of hay from near Jackson School-house. will took the stock to land west of field and the cattle came right back and he went on to the store and got the mail and dropped the paper in barn-yard, so we never read it until evening. Maggie cleaned the upstairs and mopped kitchen and front-room and got meals. Will went to the McDonald land and got rest of our horses that were out in big-pasture. All the horses are in field-pasture now. Wm Whiting came towards eve and his horse wouldn’t cross the ice so he tied him across river and walked over. We played cards after supper. Fritz went to Lattimores [to stay] over Sunday after supper.