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January 10, 1934: An exciting act at the last

January 10, 1934, Wednesday: An exciting act at the last

Bright, lovely, thermometer raised to 34 above at 11 a.m. and [at] 2 p.m. was 46 above zero. I staid in front-room and worked at receipt book, played solitaire and to kitchen awhile when Maggie was making the cream-cheese, which was an exciting act at the last as it got thick, but Maggie stirred it smooth so was fine and put to get ripe in 5 days. Maggie also got meals, the sweeping and bed-making but first she aired all the quilts and finished ironing the week’s washing. Fritz hauled 2 loads of hay from near Jackson School-house and gave one to the stock and left one to be put on big stack. Seth Whiting came from Moore Creek where he counted the cattle, had dinner and went home. will went to where Fritz got hay and helped me put on a load then to O’Kreek, where he had dinner and took Zella or Big Tail to Wood, Mellette County, S.D., where they got a permit for Will to cut 100 poles on Zella’s Land on Oak Creek, N.W. of Carter, Tripp Co., So. Dak., and they came home via this place, so Will was late, came in at dark. Fritz brought in 3 eggs yesterday and Maggie looked several places but found none to-day.

Photo, Rural South Dakota, 1932 (National Archives)

Rural South Dakota, 1932 (National Archives)