in Misc. Diary Entry

January 9, 1934: Bud fell under car

1934, January 9, Tuesday

Was 20 above at daylight, Bright, nice. Harold William (Bud) Whiting fell under Carl Gehlsen’s Car at the store and was taken to Rosebud Saturday evening and I think of him often. They were trying to start Carl’s Car when accident happened. Thermometer raised to 38 above zero this p.m. Maggie washed clothes and they [are] dry, also got meals, baked bread, mopped kitchen, cleaned front-room and made beds. I wrote the necessary directions for shipping turkeys, gave Will a financial list of property and mended Will’s Jacket, slept in p.m. and played solitaire and read the mail in eve. Fritz gave the calves some alfalfa after he helped Will get started for Valentine with a barrel of dressed turkeys to be shipped to 109 South Water Market, Chicago, Illinois, and in p.m., he went to Moore Creek and got a feed-bunk and on to Nickereen land by Jackson School house to get a load of A. E. Brown hay and back in eve in time to chore, and Will came back from Valentine before dark. He brought back some bran and shorts and groceries and also sold a cow-hide. Ben Clausen came this a.m. and rode to the store with Will. William & Seth Whiting came horse-back this eve from Moore Creek and went on home.