in Misc. Diary Entry

January 7, 1934: A Stick Horse for Harley

1934, January 7, Sunday

Very cold in night and 2 above at 9 o’clock, sun shone bright and breeze from N.W. and cold all day, 16 above was warmest. Maggie did the necessary work and baked apple-pie and made a meat-loaf for dinner, which was real delicious. Ben came in a.m. and when he helped Will move the cattle-chute Thursday, he hurt his shoulder and it has been real painful. Maggie, Ben and I played cards in p.m. and Ben won the 4 games played, 2 of rummy and 2 of pitch. Will did the chores and went to Harry and Louise’s, to see if they had any turkeys to trade for our 4 hens as we get them ready to ship to-morrow, and he took over a stick horse that we bought for Harley as a Christmas Gift, and he came back in time to do the chores in eve.