in household chores

January 2, 1934

1934, January 2, Tuesday

A cold night, was zero at daylight, cloudy, cold all day, never got more thant 4 above & sun shone late p.m. for awhile. I staid in front-room and spent most of day fixing receipt-book and played solitaire and after supper Will, Maggie and I played rummy. Maggie still has a cold and it has the flu cough now but manages the necessary work, meals, bed-making, sweeping and she cleaned Fritz’s room and stove exploded in front-room and there was some soot for the chimney stopper blew out and Fritz’s room all sooty, and she washed her white sweater and red skirt and had to cover them in an hurry before they got soiled. She baked an apple pie for dinner. Will fixed holes in the barn, and in p.m. he and Ben, who walked over on way to store, went up in the car and on to Allen’s and Mr. is coming fine these days. Fritz hauled 2 loads hay from [what] Will got from Roy Hutchins and this is the last of it. My crippled ankle and foot hurt this p.m.