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Happy New Year! January 1, 1920-1957

1920, January 1, Thursday: This was a fair day but cold. Will husked corn but wasn’t very well. We had a good supper consisting of fresh roast pork, gravy, potatoes, cranberry & apple sauce, fresh butter, bread, cream & coffee. I got 6 eggs.

1921, January 1, Saturday: Was cloudy, very cold & windy until noon cleared off, was a beautiful evening. I had such a sick headache, so was in Bed in p.m. until evening. Will went to Brads, got Howard, put tongue in wagon, got a load of hay in forenoon, and in p.m. he read awhile then watered stock. I fixed supper as I was better.

1922, January 1, Sunday: Was a bright day but south wind strong and cold. I stayed home all day this New Year’s and in p.m. Will went to Farlins to see about alfalfa seed. Mr. H. Bradstreet and Mr. G. Krikac stopped to get Will to go hunting. I have a cold in head and Will is over his. Mr. P. Wilson came for potatoes this a.m.

1923, January 1, Monday: Bright in forenoon but cloudy in p.m. and a little snow fell in evening. Will went to Nelsons to see Elmer about storing corn in granary, but they would rather haul. After work was finished we went up town to get William, but Louise was not home, and he didn’t come out. Louise was at Angels for New Year’s dinner.

1924, January 1, Tuesday: A bright cold day. We did ordinary work. William went to Jake’s, got shells and in p.m. hunted rabbits. Will went to Smiths to get pulley. I didn’t do much, so cold. The Indians left camping place.

1925, January 1, Thursday: Was quite a nice day but cold and still. We did ordinary work and Will had a headache all day but chored & tried to get rid of pigeons. Misses Winne all in from last night out. We had chicken and pumpkin-pie but not much else. In evening, Roland Wilcutts came, also the Dick Schmidt family of Mr. & Mrs. Geraldine, Reka, Frank, Toby, Mary & Emma, and we all played cards until late at night.

1926, January 1, Friday: A Bright day but cool a.m. and warm enough to thaw rest of day. William looked at Traps and took Rena’s team and went to school-house to get Geraldine Schmidt but she had to go home before going to Ed’s. Gale Menz and Kenneth went along with William. Will just visited with Mr. Menz and Mr. Tryon who brought a load of corn. I did only ordinary work for had a headache this New Year Day. Louise to school and came home with William in evening. Rena, Charlotte, Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. George Menz, Ada, Gale, Ethel, Marcella and Delila and Mr. W. L. Tryon here today. Louise said that[there is a] dance at Wagner’s but we stayed home.

1927, January 1, Saturday: Bright, nice day. Will and I left Norfolk at 9 o’clock and traveled through Battle Creek, Meadow Grove, Tilden, Oakdale, Neligh and had dinner at Ewing, Nebr., then traveled through Stafford & O’Neill to a store on highway north of O’Neill then across country to Red-Bird on to Lunch, Bristow and John Abledingers where we had supper. After supper we went to Spencer, no businesses open so home early. Will all in with cold and I have been sick since Thursday night so not much for visiting.

1928, January 1, Monday: Another bright cold day. Will got a load of hay and Orrie Totten passed from C. Elshire’s on his way home, so I had him wait for Will to ride along to the store to get the car. He pulled it to Tom’s and it was dead, so he walked home and I walked up to him, as he was late and he never came so I was worried. Nellie and Louise have such large blisters on their legs. Nellie’s on one knee and both of Louise’s legs from the knee to over the shoe top were frozen, so they can hardly walk to-day, and it is painful. Louise sewed on Nellie’s black dress as she is to get ready to go back to O’Neill as soon as she can walk, and Louise will not go to school until she is better. [From Dec. 31, 1927: “Nellie and Louise walked in from the hill east of Tom’s, as the car stopped, and each had frozen legs, and we thawed them out and they went to bed as it was around 7 o’clock when they got here. Will chored and I made bread and ironed clothes. After Louise got thawed out she ironed at finishing.”]

1929, January 1, Tuesday: After a real cold night was a warmer day and bright New Years. Henry Arcoren came in and went to bed so Lawrence and his girl (an Eli Swallow daughter) stopped for them and it was so cold [that] I got up at 4 o’clock, started fires and was making apricot pies when Dave and girls got in at 6 o’clock. Dave went back and no come until near noon. Girls slept until near noon, then helped me with dinner. Late p.m. Dave, Harriet, Jeanette went for Ed’s Car. Will shut up a hog and chored or fussed with stock all day. I had to sleep in p.m. Ben Fitch and Wm Wagner came to trade drakes with Roy. Nellie and Louise cleaned clothes.

1930, January 1, Wednesday: Colder than last few days but sun shone all day. Roy & Will chored and Roy husked a load of corn on Moore Creek and Will went to the store and cleaned at north-side of barn in p.m. I dressed and cooked chicken, made a cake and some Jello of Orange & Lemon flavor and peaches and almond flavor and whipped cream. Some one was at road west of school-house and Will said to-day it was Elshire and Lattimore fixing fence.

1931, January 1, Thursday: Just a beautiful day for New Year’s but I was sick with a billows spell so in bed until p.m. I got with a terrible headache but got supper, for Will got breakfast and a lunch at noon and cleaned the house nicely and Wm did the chores and fed stock and in p.m. Will got a load of corn at Ben’s. They took a B Battery to Wheelers and got some oranges & Lemons for me at store. The social last [night] a success and I met Grandma Wheeler from Bloomfield and she worked for Papa & Mamma when I was about 2 years old and today is Clarence Wheeler her son’s birthday, so we were invited up to a 2 o’clock birthday greeting from WNAX, Yankton, SD in his honor but I too sick to go so the Wills took up battery. I saw Mrs. Anderson who teaches Whiting school for the first time last eve.

1932, January 1, Friday: A real frosty, cloudy day and cold. The men chored and Wm fed cattle and Will left for Loren Walton’s and went to Tripp Co. to Waltons to see about baling Hay. Harley Bronze was at Loren’s and he went to Wm Kris’s nearby and Wm got him to go to Waltons and brought him here for night. Ben Clausen here this New Year day but we had only eggs to eat and it was a treat at that. I got meals and read. Narvin Boyd here on Horseback this p.m. Will & Harley came in without dinner at 4 p.m.

1933 January 1 Sunday: Bright, nice day. The men chored and Narvin Boyd came and he and Wm tried to get some fish. Ben also Ralph Walton and they with Will went to River but no fish so men visited in p.m. Narve & Wm got in stock that Will & Ben put in field in a.m. and boys went to Rossville in eve and came back in time for supper. I got meals and had a little extra.

1934, January 1, Monday: Cold in night and 8 above zero this a.m. and rose to 35 after dinner. Cloudy for awhile. I just read magazines, wrote letters and played solitaire and after supper Will and I played Casino and in three games, he got big Casino (10 of Diamonds), most of Aces, Spades and cards so I came out with only an Ace or Little Casino (Deuce of Spades). Will did the chores in morning, fed cattle a load of hay, cleaned barn and Ben helped put it around house or unloaded and in p.m. Will put boards of Paste-boards on south side of front-room and put manure on them and helped Ben load his corn that Tom got down south somewheres Saturday and Thomas and Stanley brought down yesterday, and we had Ben’s wagon here to use to clean barn so he brought team and took his 20 bushel shell corn less 3 sacks Will loaned him and Will & Ben are going to sell Tom a mink and cow-hide to pay for the freight of corn. This a quiet New Year’s for us. Maggie got meals and baked Kolaches this p.m. and cleaned the south-room as Fritz Van Epps came back in eve to haul hay again. Ben was here for dinner and looked at his traps after dinner. He crossed his team and wagon on the ice as it is real solid now. Lew McKee and Son came in car late p.m. and talked about the work on the dam but Will sent them to Dutch Enders at O’Kreek for advice as to when and how. Jerry (Pete) Karnes, wife Ann, sons Robert & Junior, Jay H. Tate, wife Eva and son Richard and Frank (Fritz) Van Epps and some of Lattimores spent p.m. at Otto Rothky’s, Clarence Wheeler has a birthday.

1935, January 1, Tuesday: Bright, not so cold and just a little snow in placed left from yesterday morning. After choring Fritz went to Lattimores for dinner and he was out last night until midnight to a New Year Old Year Party at School-house given by Aid and he came back in time to chore in eve, for Elmer caked calves at Fitch’s and cattle in N.E. hills and had to drive cattle to water so never came to eat until eve, and Will still sick so we waited dinner. Fritz got an old hen and I roasted it and fixed a pumpkin pie and the rest of things for a dinner, also got breakfast but no dinner until eve.

1936, January 1, Wednesday: After frosty morning was bright, nice day for New Years. Will, Frank and I got up late, the men chored, got the beef in kitchen, then Frank went to see Tina Lattimore at Shorty (Jerome) Jamison’s up near Mission. He went to Lattimore’s last eve but didn’t go to American Legion Dance at Carter and came back soon. Will went to Store to get Parcel-post and freight of paints, etc., he put front shoes on Tennessee and visited with Kenneth, Seth, Jack Fox and Henry Arcoren. The boys brought Lemoyne back. I got meals, baked cake, wrote in diary and a letter to Grayce Phillips, 1924 Water St. Corpus Christi, Texas. Lemoyne went to Jamison’s cornfield and got in a cow in eve. Frank came back towards eve and got his wagons ready to haul hay.

1937, January 1, Thursday: Was snowing when we got up at 8 a.m. and continued from the Northeast and some wind and cold. The men chored and went to the store but Tom, Sadie, Bud and Stanley have Flu and Lemoyne is home with Flu, so Will, Seth and Thomas went to N.E. hills but found only a few cattle so started them home and tracked the main herd to east of old Ben Fitch Place so brought them all in at 4 p.m., so we ate dinner just before dark. I baked Mince-pies, roasted a chicken and pop-corn in eve and gave men some with cream and sugar. Wm Colombe and Son came.

1938, January 1, Saturday: Was a nice day but wind blew near noon from S.W, quite hard and some dust. Wm V. E. and Bud Whiting came in at 8 a.m. and Wm chored and Bud slept until breakfast time, they then fixed the door on the barn and went away again for Wm V. E. went to Mission to bring Elsie Armbruster to Carl Gehlsen’s, he took her back and was here choring in eve when Will and I got back from St. Francis where we went to see Jake Whiting Family , had dinner at Rosebud Hollenbeck Café and left word with Anna May Perry to tell Nell Larmer would see her in eve, but we brought Mabel Shaw Valandra and 2 daughters to Hare School, then home.

1939, January 1, Sunday: Just a beautiful day, very warm in day and eve. Will chored, separated milk and I washed dishes after a breakfast of toast, eggs, and oatmeal. Will shaved, went to Winter Pasture, saw Ralph Harper, his son and Bob Mc— of Wood, S.D. who are hunting coyotes with hounds. We got kindling at Gov’t dam, home to eat dinner. Will and I each took a bath and felt a Million-times better. I put kindling on Porch that was in car and Will did the rest and chored.

1940, January 1, Monday: Quite cold but sun shone. LeMoyne and Will chored, went to Whiting Store, mailed letters and Will changed on to bank and deposited all the $130.00. They got some groceries, came home to water colts and calves and Will fed chickens and he and LeMoyne put paper cover on west front door and one paper with glass on our bedroom-door. LeMoyne shaved. Men at Oyster soup. Harold Whiting (Bud) came and got LeMoyne, the Whiting boys are going places. I cooked chicken, cranberries and made 3 pumpkin and 1 apple pies, got rest eats, laid down late p.m., had cold in head until in p.m. nose quit running.

1941, January 1, Wednesday: Partly Cloudy and cold after a rain first then snow, about 3 or 4 in. deep. I got breakfast but no eat for Seth chored then he and Will tried to get me to church at St. Therese’s Chapter, Hidden Timber, but we only skidded around in front of Garage, then a time to get back into garage, so we came back to house and quit. Seth finished chores, looked at his traps, took a chicken home to fry for dinner. Just as they finished Edward and Leo came for them. They down here then to Ed’s. Will chored in eve.

1942, January 1, Thursday: The is the year beginning with snow in forenoon moving a lot as Northwest wind cold, was cloudy but moon shining at 4 a.m. when I made a fire in heater, sun shone again at midday, was 8 below at 8 a.m., got to 4 below in afternoon but continued to drop in eve, but sun shone rest of day. I got meals, boiled beef, wrote in diary, laid down in p.m. for I had a headache, played solitaire, read some, changed plants to make room so could move things from kitchen to front-room on account of being so cold. Will chored, went horseback to Wagner, pump-rod broke on account of being froze so he brought cattle home and they ate at this Big Stack. He chored again early eve as it was getting colder so could get in to keep warm. Collie’s house has snow around it but he no move.

1943, January 1, Friday: Sun shone and a south breeze after frosty night so the wind dried clothes nicely, left out last night so Elsie Van Epps got them in, in afternoon and we folded them. She washed some of Billie’s clothes. I got meals, baked an Angel-Food cake and Elsie frosted it. I also cooked a coconut cream pudding, laid down in p.m. and got real sick after supper because I ate too rich beef gravy but milk of magnesia tablets got me well in a hurry. Mrs. Abbott and Elsie washed dishes last [evening] and she did again this eve so it is nice. Will, and W.D. took Mrs. Wm Abbott home after supper last eve just as the Family were coming for her. This New Years Day, Will & W.D. worked at East Side Wagner garage siding it and put in a window Frame and will got mail in eve and went to drive cattle to Shed as it clouded got foggy and looked real threatening to snow. They also fixed fence south side Wisenburger Pasture and W.D. put some cows back that were on Hay-meadow. We never saw anyone besides us this New Years Day but may go to Tom’s Sunday to a Wedding Anniversary party.

1944, January 1, Saturday: Cold at night but bright nice day. I got meals and never laid down this p.m. for we got up at 8 a.m. and makes day short. Will chored and took letters to mail to Whiting Store. Mr. Pailing came and they looked at calves, some have colds but not serious. Wm Van Epps came and got a quarter of his hog. He worked at his scratch Pen for chickens today. We took salt and mineral to cattle in pasture and gave oats to calves in bull-pen. Went to Wm Abbotts, got Prince and Pete harness and a grinder or sausage maker that they used of ours. Stopped to see Van Epps finished scratch pen, came home to chore. Will took a bath and Howard Drucker of Pine Ridge, S.D., Roy Merchen of U.S. Army, was stationed in Puerto Rico, Cuban Islands, but back to U.S. and came from Georgia home for a furlough, were here awhile in eve as Will is on Draft Board. Howard wanted to know if had to go to Army, but Will cannot advise him so he is to stop at Rosebud to-morrow on way back to Pine Ridge, and met the Draft Board. They met on Sunday forenoon. We never went to bed until 11 p.m. for Listened to Radio, Abie’s Irish Rose was last program at 11:30 to 11 p.m.

1945, January 1, Monday: Very cold, never got above 20 and partly cloudy, some flurry snow in eve. I got meals, a duck-cranberries dinner, also other things as usual. Will bought duck at Winner Friday, it was good with dressing. Van Epps gave cattle hay, he had to walk down for too cold to get car or tractor to go, after cattle fed they finished the partition in granary, then ate dinner and Van Epps went home for the day. Will soaked his feet yesterday and seems to have a cold worse now and kind of jittery. We played rummy and pitch in eve.


REA Washing Machine with Wringer

1946, January 1, Tuesday: After cool night, Bright, nice day and got to 40 above. I got meals but was so sick with cold in chest, throat and head that sneezing and coughing a nuisance and lungs hurt when I cough but I play solitaire, read for Will got the mail in p.m. and some groceries at Whiting Store. His cold is still hanging on but not as bad as I have it now. Will chored, Van Epps came to calf pen and said that he was going to wring clothes by hand for Elsie is sick with a stiff neck and their wringer is broke and need washing but I am too all in to have them come here to use ours.

1947, January 1, Wednesday: Partly cloudy but not so cold but no moisture fell. I got meals, played solitaire, read some, visited with Martha Whiting for she and Leona Grablander, Levi’s Sister, came from Mission to stay until time to go to Hospital. They went home late eve. Will and Levi chored and gave cattle hay, also put half a stack hay on sled into the barn, they came around south of yard.

1948, January 1, Thursday: This is New Year’s day, cold, but out of wind from the Northwest the men froze ice-cream on front porch. We made it real rich with cream. Will [used] frozen cherries and made is simple syrup with them and they cut rich cream but were too sweet. Joe and Elva brought up Baked beans, sweet potatoes cooked with butter and marshmallows, were they good, also a spice cake and we had potatoes, fried chicken, bread, butter, coffee, jell, and the rich ice-cream. Joe and Will took salt to big herd in Wisenberger Pasture and got some corn in V.8, they ate more ice-cream and then home.

1949 January 1, Saturday: Bright, nice day but snow in small drifts from day before Christmas Snow. I got eats, dressed 3 young Roosters and stewed 1 for dinner and kept what was left for dressing sometime later. Joe chored and he and Will gave all cattle a stack and half of hay gotten at Old Lodge Land. I also played solitaire and Will and I played rummy and Pitch in eve. Joe and Will went hunting in Joe’s Pick Up along River South of House. Will got 1 duck and I never knew he and Joe went together so when evening came I was so excited when I couldn’t get no one at Lolly’s attention to see where Will was. I pounded on everything that was under rack, finally Will heard me call when they were having trouble getting out some snow with the Pick Up. Elva’s Brother, for she seems to have only one because it is Brother whether Carmen, Kenneth or Dick, brought Athel, Doris and David home from Ainsworth, Nebr. where they spent Christmas with Harp Family and the time since and he came to Lolleys’ and went back before Dark, then Joe, Elva and Jerry went to Thomas’s to spend the eve. We ate a lunch, and in playing cards, I won 4 games of Pitch and 1 of Rummy but Will seems not to have his mind on playing cards. Guess he would rather read.

1950, January 1, Sunday: Partly cloudy but sun shone at times and got chilly in late p.m. Will and I did up the work, roasted Pork, cooked sweet Potatoes, scalloped Oysters, cooked Potatoes, gravy, made salad of lettuce, grapes and Bananas, had an apple Brown Betty with Ice-cream on Top. Harley, Billy, Harry, Louise and Mary came in their New Green Chevrolet Pick Up and brought cream, pickles, apple Butter, squash and Pumpkins. Men played cards in p.m. Louise, Mary and I washed dishes and visited. Men got Hammer Mill in Pick Up. Had a Root Beer Float, then they went home. Kenneth and Betty went to Thomas’s, a family reunion of Harps all there, Carmen, wife Alice, son Jimmie, Delores and Betty. Betsey and L—Harp, Joe, Elva and Jerry Lolley. Those that didn’t come form Ainsworth, Nebr. were Dick and wife and son. Mr. & Mrs. Guy Harp and Leonard and Grandpa Parsons, Mrs. Harp’s father. Guess they had a nice day and Doris Whiting will go back to their home to school with them to-nite. Will got in Milk Cow again this eve and looked about things.

1951, January 1, Monday: New Years Day, Bright and warm but I feel bum so no go with Will in p.m. when he went in Pick Up to Abbotts. Got his hair cut and had Abbot sign an Affidavit to say I own H-W Left Rib Hereford Cow and he went on to Pierce’s, saw Wm and Bobbie, each with a rack hauling hay. Wm and team horses and a wagon, Bobbie tractor and wagon. Mr. Pierce signed Affidavit to the cow and Clarence signed so we have enough. Will went to Wm Chauncey, Sr.’s and he had Flu and Mrs. was at Geo. Klein’s to Family Reunion but came home late p.m. and Will got 6 doz. eggs from her. He got home at 5:30 p.m. Joe, Elva, Jerry, Joe, Mary Ann Lolley, Athel, Doris, David, and Jimmie came in Lolley’s Car this p.m. but staid until 4:30 p.m. and went home. Delantina Barber at Winner came to see about trapping Mink. Clarence & Family at Ed’s to-day.

1952, January 1, Tuesday: Storm quit so Men fed cattle, but it was cold. They caked them also. It got to 10 above and was 15 below last night. I baked a spice-cake and blueberry Pan Dowdie, Ready Mix fruit with a pie crust on Top, also cooked hamburger, boiled potatoes, put onions in Vinegar and water, Salt and Peppered them. Men put ice-cream on Pan Dowdie for Dessert. We played cards in p.m., usual solitaire for me in p.m. and I wrote in diary and read some in a.m. Dan and Will ground hamburger for me this noon. This is Happy New Year wish for us but we were alone this day and Christmas also, no greeting cards sent to anyone and we got so many, so I must send some soon.

1953, January 1 Thursday: New Years Day and bright, nice. I cooked the Duck Abbotts gave us for Christmas, made gravy, Mashed Potatoes. A Salad with Betty’s help of mixing and she brought cream that Thomas brought them last night. Betty chilled the Jello Lime, put in Lettuce & Celery and Topped in her Salad dish with Salad dressing & Cream & put Sliced Strawberries on top [of] the white layer for decoration also shredded cheese in first part. Had banana cake, Ice-Cream with lot of Strawberries on Top. We played Canasta or Samba in p.m. and Wales took enough eats for their supper. Also we played 500 and lost to Men. Abbotts were to come so we fixed table for 8 but they no come so made it small for us to play cards on. Thomas’s are going to Joe Lolley’s to eat New Years dinner and wear everything they got for Christmas, so Doris said last eve.

1954, January 1, Friday: Bright nice day. Men gave cattle hay, 2 stacks, so no work tomorrow in regard to feeding. I started to clean our room, that is put things in boxes last p.m. and continued to-day. I got eats and not much else. Wales had a party this night, was going at 11:30 p.m., as I got up then.

1955, January 1, Saturday: Bright and nice but cool. Dave and Will gave cattle hay and Parkers came from Collins North Witten and Staid all day until 11:30 p.m. and went home. Tom and Louise Colombe came this eve and we visited until Midnight. Louise had Tumors Removed of Stomach this Past Summer at Sioux City and is better now. We had lunch of Coffee, Ice-Cream & Cookies near Midnight. Will and I cleaned and I washed dishes and cleaned kitchen and front but not finished. I roasted Duck and gravy, potatoes, Apples & Cranberries, bread, Butter, coffee and cream and Milk.

1956, January 1, Sunday: Partly cloudy and Chilly. After Will milked, fed calves by letting Cow let them suck, he washed dishes, we played cards, and Furreys, Louise, Harry, Harley, Billlie and Mary came via Elmer Chauncey’s and Pierce’s, then through our pasture and over the hills between us and Pierce’s. Chester came home with Lillian Janis to get pick up to pull his car home and fuel pump no work so he dragged it and staid there last night. Guess Chester to Witten with a newlywed niece who was going to Santee, Nebraska, East of Niobrara, Nebr. and he came home at 4 a.m. with Manley Night Pipe.

Tuesday, January 1, 1957: No Snow but cold. Clarence and Roger, Billy and Chuck did the chores and Will helped me, swept floors and washed dishes then rested. I got breakfast and picked up Christmas gifts. Clarence feels bum with Flu but he and boys went out to hunt Rabbits then on to Ed. Sr. and Leo but Clarence got so sick, had to come home in about 15 minutes, this was after supper. [At] about 11:30 a.m. Harry, Louise, Harley, Billie and Mary came with Roast chicken, Pumpkin Pie and 1 pt. of cream, then they went to 12 o’clock Mass at St. Therese, Hidden Timber. Fr. Lawrence Helmueller, St. Francis was there. Others Sadie Whiting, Dick, wife Joanie, Richard, Jim, wife Della, sons Jim Jr., Bob, Frank and Billie, last one not school age and he was baptized after Mass. Dick and Joanie sponsors. Furreys took Sadie and their baby home. Men played cards. We got eats. Potato Salad, Coffee and above things, gravy and sauce, bread, butter, cream.