in Misc. Diary Entry

October 19, 1923 and 1925

October 19, 1923: Cloudy and bright only after dinner a sprinkle at times until evening. Rena & Edward Jr. & Roy & Julia & Violet Giroux met us at Winner, we left Winner, stopped at Carter, got to Mission. had dinner, went to Rosebud and I on to St. Francis in Dave’s car, stayed all night. The folks went on from Bud. I saw Lucy Rogers & Louise Bordeaux at Bud & Will Jordan at the Bud. Will at Home.

October 19, 1925, Monday: Was bright and nice, really too warm to husk corn as Jake and Will went to cornfield and got a load. Mr. C. McLaughlin came and bought Jake’s mules, traded 2 to Abe Elshire, and Elshire, Will & Jake got mules and horse. Wagner and Davis here in evening.