in Misc. Diary Entry

October 15, 1923 and 1942

October 15, 1923: A bright day. Will got corn and we got water and after we got load of wood & corn, the boys found a new calf from June’s calf.

October 15, 1942, Thursday: Another bright warm day. I got meals, baked a sponge orange cake, lay down in p.m., and in evening started to paint window shades, and Will finished when he got in from Winter Pasture where he, Wm Abbott and Billie went to put some cows back in Winter Pasture that were out on Wisenbergers. Abbott rode a black horse that he is to break for us, so he and Billie came to get this horse, Pete, Prince, Gold Dust and His Brother to sweep in bunched hay near their house. Abbott brought Gold Dust and His Brother, took Pete and Prince along to break them. Henry got some paint we mixed some years back when we painted the kitchen. It is an Oak color, and he put it on our room’s wood work