in Misc. Diary Entry

October 14, 1923 and 1940

October 14, 1923: A bright day but cool towards evening. William Whiting came out, rode Peavine up town after dinner. Will & I & the boys in buggy. Will to Angels, I and boys home. William to Winner on evening train. Kenneth, Lemoyne & Seth are having a big time.

October 14, 1940, Monday: Was cold and a few clouds in forenoon, but p.m. warmer, a fire in the heater was fine all day. I got breakfast and supper and we, Martha, Carol and I only lunched at noon. Norma ate bread, butter and fruit juices. Seth took lunch to move dirt at the dam in the winter pasture, and came in at dark. Will and John Sundquist, who walked in, went to Furreys, had dinner, and went in Harry’s pick-up with him to Winner. Will and Harry went to School Instructions for being chairmen on Election Board, and on Oct. 16th they have to help register men for the draft in peace-time defense army.