in Misc. Diary Entry

October 10, 1923 and 1930

Oct. 10, 1923: A bright day but times clouded a little and sprinkled a little. Will got corn and went to Sherlocks to help fix fence. Dr. Hines came at noon so Will came down and in evening they have hogs sick, some serum. I left on train for Winner and on to Okreek.

October 10, 1930, Friday: Bright, warm day and a strong south wind. I got the meals, made bread, washed some clothes, and fried down sausage that Will ground in the evening after he and Wm got rid of Cecil Roundy’s Cattle, for it took them all forenoon to get them counted right. Cecil and the boy with him came this morning, for they stayed at Bert Roundy’s last ngiht.

Mrs. Arnold Scott, and sons George and Clarence came to see Cecil Roundy, for they traded their Dodge for Roundy’s truck, and traded back today. Mrs. Scott helped me with dishes, so I certainly appreciated it, as I am so tired from weeks work of cooking for men.