in Misc. Diary Entry

October 9, 1923 and 1949

October 9, 1923: A bright day and quite warm. Will went to Irvin A— sale, and I fried down hogs on oil stove and salted some in a jar.

October 9, 1949, Sunday: Forenoon not so cloudy, but p.m. was, and some rain fell towards evening. Will picked up old magazines that we don’t read much to pass on to others, and he swept and mopped the front room and kitchen and washroom, but wasn’t finished when Wm and Julia Fronek and Julia’s mother Mrs. Ed Angel of Spencer, Nebr. came to visit, and Mrs. Angel and Julia helped me get dinner. After we ate, Mrs. Angel cleaned all the plants and fixed them so nice, while Julia, Dorothy and Louise washed dishes, for Furreys came as we were eating dinner. They had dinner at home.

Wm L. Fronek, W. J. Whitcher, Harry O. Furrey and Harley E. Furrey played pitch, and Billie Furrey kept score. Mary put pennies in Elephant bank. Louise, Dorothy, Mrs. Angel, Julia and I visited both up and downstairs, for we went upstairs to find the leaf of a plant that I put away when Harley broke off Mrs. Angel’s plants when he was 2 years old, but could not find it.

Kenneth and Betty went to Thomas’s for dinner this day and home early p.m. I didn’t have a good dinner of beefsteak, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes and ham, white cherry sauce, jell, bread, butter, coffee, milk, ice-water for I am out of root beer, and ice-cream, no cake baked either, so we had vanilla wafers, a lunch of corn beef hash sandwiches, pear sauce and pickles. All went home early.