in Misc. Diary Entry

October 7, 1923 and 1937

Oct. 7, 1923: A bright morning but windy, cloudy, cold & hazy rest of day but no rain. Will did up work, had a cold & headache so read all day. I went to church at 10 a.m. and got dinner in ample time on return. Mr. Crabtree was here in a.m., got Molly & Duke in p.m. and mowed hay on road and in evening he and Lorrie brought them back.

October 7, 1937, Thursday: Bright and real hot in p.m. I got meals, lay down in p.m., and hemmed washrags out of old towels in p.m. LeMoyne put stain on the rest of the house roof in forenoon. Wm Van Epps went around cows and calves, and we listened some to World Series at Yankee Stadium, New York.