in Misc. Diary Entry

October 6, 1923 and 1944

Oct. 6, 1923: A bright day and hazy towards evening. Will helped Ableidinger & Crabtree get stacker & sweep across ravine and then got corn and in p.m. went to Spencer, had to get Price & John as Lorrie Crabtree used Molly. Duke raking hay for Ableidinger. Will took horses back to pasture in evening. I canned apple juice on return in evening.

October 6, 1944, Friday: Sun shone, a strong northwest wind, and was chilly, 48 above this morning, but warmer in the day, only chill in the breeze. I got breakfast, and Will and I put 8 old hens and 1 old rooster in crates in the trunk of the V8, and to Winner we went. Left here about 11:50 a.m., for we had to clean and had a late breakfast. Will fed chickens and milked a cow. I had to write a letter, fix my new hat, and wash dishes.

We had dinner at Ryan’s Café, a lunch and malted milk at the Sweet Shop, got groceries, went to Sale Pavilion, where Will saw Harry Furrey, Wm Pierce, Wm Fronek and Jay Tate, also Harry Hansen who will take some of our cattle to Sioux City this weekend. I visited with Louise while Will and Harry and Harley finished the trading. Louise had Mary Alice in her cab, and she is fine, but this is a chilly day for one so small.