in Misc. Diary Entry

October 5, 1923 and 1928

Oct. 5, 1923: A bright nice day. Will got corn and in p.m. went across creek to rake and bunch sudan hay, also brought wood & water back. I canned apples and cooked some peelings for jell and so tired, not much headway.

October 5, 1928, Friday: Bright, but wind blew in p.m. and was colder, but a.m. was nice. Louise went to school and went to Cory’s to see if she could stay or rather board awhile until Buster Cutschall moves out to his place near the school, and she could, so she came home late evening.

There are so many folks wanting Dave’s place to rent, and 2 were here today, and one was Ray Carr and some other folks, but Dave did not rent.

George and Florence Clifford, son Tommy and Marjorie Janis, whose mother is May Janis, were here this afternoon and went home late p.m., or nearly at sundown. They went back to Rosebud as their home is at Scenic, S.D., or 20 miles from there at the foot of the bad lands, and they told us how wonderful it was up there, good water, free range and cheap land and good crops to those who farm, so I guess when Will sees this, he will be ready to move to Pine Ridge.