in Misc. Diary Entry

October 3 1923 and 1942

October 3, 1923: A bright day and quite still as usual last few days. Floyd Sherlock helped Will and they vaccinated rest of hogs, finished at noon. Floyd and Dr. Hines for dinner. We went to Spencer in p.m. and Catholic Ladies’ Bazaar on but I didn’t help. On return took down clothes, got knocked from pole and cut lip and nose and Will tired from wrestling hogs.

October 3, 1942, Saturday: Was a nice day. I got meals, but cold in my head and throat was still a nuisance, and I got blindness or blurring in eyes, could scarcely make 2 blueberry pies, cook beans for fry stock for Will’s dinner. When I ate a bite, I lay down, then fried pheasant and baked beans. After the beans baked, I put dressing on pheasant and roast in the oven. Will got mail in the evening just as Joe Bachman came in his puddle-jumper for the night. Will and I went to hunt pheasants after breakfast, went up the valley to trees where we got stuck Thursday night, got 8 pheasants. Will dressed them before dinner. He worked at the tractor in p.m., got in wood and water, and coal up from basement.