in Misc. Diary Entry

October 1, 1923 and 1943

October 1, 1923: Bright day and warm. Will was near Tornado in Council Bluffs as was at Ernests. This a.m. we separated hogs and I made pie and fixed chicken and Will helped Mr. Crabtree with moving, also came when Dr. Hines came to see what ailed sick hogs, was cholera.

October 1, 1934, Monday: A warm night, lovely, bright for awhile in the morning, then a dusty, N.W. wind until in the afternoon it quit and was nice again. Elmer and Will went to the pasture and cut out some of the 1 year old steers, as Elmer gook the saddle horses and Will the car. Will went on to Winner at noon to the Livestock Sale at the Pavilion, and had the car greased, was home at bedtime.

Maggie did all the work and finished her wine-colored dress, and I sewed on my blue-silk dress and cut out my black-checked skirt and dyed a brown silk dress I had for years to black, and in the evening felt sick and quit sewing. Elmer still looked for steers in p.m. and found 4 more, and Fritz repaired the fence that was washed out in the big pasture, and both got in late for supper. Otto Rothley went by with a big load of cow-chips.

  1. Hog choler was a disaster. Everdell Wright told us one time that his father had 80 hogs in Okreek and cholera killed themall

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