in Misc. Diary Entry

September 30, 1923 and 1927

September 30, 1923: A bright nice day and in fact beautiful. I stayed home all day as was so tired, just done chores. Mr. C. Crabtree and Lorrie came and took hay rack off and fixed our wagon so they could haul things over to Bradstreets where they live. B— Ward came in a.m. Mr. & Mrs. Nelson, Goldie and Leroy in p.m. Will rode out with Brownfields.

September 30, 1927, Friday: After a foggy morning, nice and bright until late evening cloudy. Eli Snyder and Pat Karnes and Dan Wagner came, but did not thresh until p.m. Tom also came at noon. Dick Schmidt, Lewis Lattimore and Clyde Dillion came in p.m., and D. Schmidt and Dan Wagner went home before supper on account of pie social at school-house given by Ladies Aid. Bess Angel came, and I brought Louise home from school, and she and Louise went to pie-social. I just got the meals after I canned watermelon preserves and made apple-jelly and pies, some a fake and others so-so.