in Misc. Diary Entry

September 28, 1923, 1932 and 1944

September 28, 1923: A bright day, forenoon nice but p.m. windy and clouds passed over and eve stormy looking all around, but no rain here as it rained last night quite a bit. I got corn for hogs in buggy, some job and hogs out so it is so hard.

September 28, 1932, Wednesday: Bright, nice day, but cool north breeze when indoors. Isaac Afraid of Bear and wife Elsie Lean Bad Whirlwind were here for lease money, but we do not have any just now and gave them some pennies, nickels and dimes to get gas. This is depression, I must say.

September 28, 1944, Thursday: Chilly northeast breeze, but sun shone and breeze changed to southeast at 4 p.m., and late p.m. was nearly from the south. I got meals, lay down in p.m., played solitaire, went with Will to Van Epps, he is at John Sundquists getting his rake so he can rake off the weeds and hay that Will plowed for fire-guards on Lunderman Land.

Elsie and Billie went to Wm. Abbotts’ to help get dinner for threshers, but she said there was a lot of help. Mrs. Wallace Gran, Mrs. Roy Drey, Mrs. Wm Chauncey, Sr., Mrs. Frank Abbott, Mrs. Abbott and Delores, for there isn’t any school at Jackson School, for Mrs. Pierce cannot get a girl to take care of her baby, Carol Lee, so she stays home.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abbott brought Billie Abbott out from Winner, and his wounded head is still serious, have to keep hot packs on and he sits in rocker and lays his head on hot water bottle.

There was a fire over Southeast in Tripp County, and Will was plowing fireguards and never came home until the evening. W. D., Elsie and Billie came in evening and said that a plane got on fire, crashed near Dorian Buttes or on them, and set fire to the prairie and burnt the plane, but all the soldiers bailed out. Threshing crew from Abbotts went to this scene. I went with Will to Whiting Store. He brought home 5 wool batts that he got by mail.