in Misc. Diary Entry

September 27, 1923 and 1934

September 27, 1923: A bright, warm day. Sherlocks came and got Will and they left on the 9 a.m. freight to Omaha with hogs as a few are Sherlocks’ so they helped load. I got corn and first batch success but second time broke tongue in wagon, was perked out and oh so hurt in right arm and a general jar, went to Spencer to stay at Mamma’s for the night, rode up hill with Floyd.

September 27, 1934, Thursday: After a real breeze last evening, it was a bright, nice yesterday while we were at Winner. Ed and Rena and Yvonne were here to bring Permit to sell cow, also Ben Clausen was here to see if Will would take him to White River later. B. J. Wagner came to see Will, but he was not home.

Mrs. Iner Sorensen came horseback in p.m. and visited with Maggie and invited her and I to a meeting of the Aid at her place for a shower on Mrs. Jerry Karnes, Mrs. Dan Wagner and Mrs. Jimmie Horton, who are expectant mothers, and I think these showers given before the child arrives are a joke in some ways.

A west wind got real strong in a.m., but not so bad in the afternoon, so Maggie got the clothes dried, for she washed and did all the other work. I ground the onions, tomatoes and cabbage for chow-chow, slept in p.m. and started to cook the chow-chow in evening.

Elmer and Will brought in Van Epps’ and some of our cattle in a.m., and Jay tate brought his down here, afoot, then Will and he went to Winner to see if there was anything definite about buying Govt. cattle, for they stopped yesterday until more funds