in Misc. Diary Entry

September 26, 1923 and 1933

September 26, 1923: A bright warm day. Will fixed a place to load hogs and got some corn and in p.m. with Floyd Sherlock, Ted Ward, Mr. Crabtree & McDuffee they hauled to Spencer. Uncle Chris, Rudolph & Betty Jean stopped here.

September 26, 1933, Tuesday: Maggie and I went on an errand to take pictures of Legion meeting places, and had a flat tire, so Paulson’s Garage fixed it, and we also bought a lot of cabbage, carrots and cucumbers from Hans Laprath, Dallas, and Knut Johnson driving a truck. Mr. Tate brought ours to his place, and we brought Mrs. Tate and Richard home, then got vegetables and mail at the store, and Maggie and Will had a time to get one sack of cabbage home from Tates.

Narvin helped Cliff get started this a.m. and came back via Harry and Louise’s. Harley was sick, so Harry came in p.m. and Harley was sick so Harry came in p.m., and he and Narvin butchered a hog, and our share was hanging up nice when we got home.