in Misc. Diary Entry

September 25, 1923 and 1948

September 25, 1923: A bright day and wind blew so dried in a hurry, so I raked alfalfa & Will & Mr. Crabtree & Lorrie helped. They stacked in a hurry after Will got corn. We separated the market hog from those to keep in a.m.

September 25, 1948, Saturday: Bright but cool day. Will and Joe fixed the tractor, and Joe took tractor and sled to McKee’s in p.m. and came home to get the mail. Elva brought milk and cream and cleaned her home, was up here in p.m.

Last night, coming from Valentine we saw lights in the distance, was Klein’s Store burning down. All the neighbors were there, but Kleins were all at Winner at a football game, Winner vs. Pierre, Pierre won 18 to 0. Some men stayed until Kleins came back, and Hank Haukaas brought his sprayer, so put the fire under control, and a real rain at 4 a.m. simply drenched everything, so no more fire at Klein Store. Saved the Light Plant and fuel barrels, and gas tank and pump were not hurt. The propane tank jumped around and exploded in the field west of the store, caused a lot of excitement. All of the folks who went to Kleins today to trade were surprised there was no store.