in Misc. Diary Entry

September 24, 1923 and 1944

September 24, 1923: Another bright day until p.m. clouded & quite a rain towards evening. I went to Wards for water and they are moving to hog-ranch west & north of Spencer. Will & Lorrie Crabtree mowed alfalfa this day as Mr. Crabtree had supper here last evening and he said Lorrie could come, as I had a cold & sick, so not much to mow.

September 24, 1944, Sunday: Was a bright, beautiful day, but chilly in the house, so I put a fire in the cook-stove and put beef and pork roast in the oven, and had a boil beef stew of carrots, tomatoes and string beans on top of stove to boil. I got breakfast and Will took me to 10 a.m. church War time (Mountain), one hour later than ours, and he came home, for Harry, Louise, Harley, Dorothy and Billie and Mary Alice, who will be 5 months old September 27th came. The men were hunting so I came home with Elsie, W. D. and Billie. Elsie had to sit on a gallon can in the back seat for their cushion is at home.

We had dinner, for I got the balance of eats on arrival home. We had beef stew, roast beef and pork, gravy, bread, cookies, butter, coffee, sugar, pure cream from Van Epps, fresh peaches, blackberry preserves and potatoes. The men got 23 pheasants. Furreys took 7, Will and I took 4 to Van Epps in evening as we took salt to the Big Pasture.