in Misc. Diary Entry

September 22, 1923 and 1934

September 22, 1923: A bright day, south wind still strong. Will made a gate to hog lot, went for sweep at hay field, not there, got corn for hogs, helped Ableidingers move stacker to our alfalfa. Went to Spencer with roosters. I cleaned south room and ironed clothes and sick in p.m. Floyd Sherlock came for cob scoop.

September 22, 1934, Saturday: This is a bright day and a terrific wind. Nellie Larmer’s birthday, Lee’s tomorrow and Dave’s was the 8th and Nellie Brandon’s the 15th this month. I churned butter, picked grapes from stems and cooked them, but did not can them for Lee, Lemoyne and Narvin came and stayed for dinner, and I talked to them about Everything from Hooch to Girls, and they went to Ed’s after dinner. Maggie ironed and did all the work and we ate an early supper and went to Winner. Fritz went to Lattimore’s for the week-end.