in Misc. Diary Entry

September 21, 1928 and 1944

September 21, 1928, Friday: Bright, cool a.m. but warmer p.m. Sun shone bright. Ben, Dave, Roy, Will and I went to the Fair at Rosebud after Ben got a spring for our car at the store, and Dave (who came from the fair at 5 p.m.) and Roy put it in, and Will took Louise to school. We got to Rosebud at 11:30 a.m. and took in all the sights. Will and I came home via Haukaas School, but Louise walked home and had blisters on her heels and was all in. We ate and went to bed.

September 21, 1944: This is the first day of Fall and beautiful after a cool morning. Will took Elsie, Billie and I to clean the church, but no one was there, so Athel Whiting came from Stanley Whiting’s as she walked over, and carried David, who is 4 months old, and Doris walked from their home to Hidden Timber. They live at the old Bart Wagner Place. It is a mile around the road to Whiting Store. We just swept and dusted the church, for none others came, and it was late. We took water and everything to clean. We brought Athel, Doris and David Lee back home and left Elsie and Billie at home.