in Misc. Diary Entry

September 19, 1923 and 1933

September 19, 1923: Rained nearly all day, so much water, and a fire feels good. Will only did chores and up to Knolls’ in evening to get reading material, and I did only ordinary work and hauled in rain water. The clothes on line getting a soaking.

September 19, 1933, Tuesday: A very strong North wind and dust storm in the night. Sun shone bright, north wind, and was cool. I went to the front room in a.m. and stayed all day, sewed on my everyday dresses, and in p.m. I visited with Louise, Harry, Dorothy Mae and Harley, who came to butcher a hog, but Harry could not get it in the barn so they went home and will come back Friday p.m. to butcher.

Opie Bordeaux, who is staying at Guy Lambert’s, Rosebud, brought Nellie Larmer out here, and she was going to Winner to get clothes for Fred, and wanted to put him in St. Mary’s, O’Neill, Nebraska, but I told her to keep up her insurance, which she was going to drop to send Fred to school, so she and Opie went to Furreys, and Louise and the children rode along home from the east gate as they started first.

Noble Moore, after helping Will, Narvin, Curtie and Wm Pierce start cattle from Pierce’s to Mosher, came here and went right back, for Bud Whiting was here and took cattle to big pasture and went home. Mr. Wagner brought in 25 head from his corn field and again this morning. Will and Narvin left early a.m. in Wm Pierce’s car to Elshires, got Curtie, on to Pierces, where they took cattle to Mosher.

Curt Elshire came in his truck and took our car and went to the store, got our groceries and waited for Will’s hat, but it did not come, so he came back and went on to Pierce’s for a lunch to take in Pierce’s car and go on to Mosher. He said they had a son born last night, weight 9 pounds, named Robert, so he is all in today and dreads going with the cattle to Pender, Nebraska Sales Pavilion, but it is a case of have to go, I guess.

Henry Sells and Hans Gehlsen came this a.m. in Sells’ truck and saw Maggie before they went home, and with Mrs. Sell, Delores, Gerald, Howard and Frank Gehlsen, they were going home to the Chas. Gehlsen home, parents of Frank. Hans and Mrs. Sell are to take Minnie Gehlsen back home as she was staying at Sells to go to school, and the Sazama School was condemned, as it was too small for so many pupils, and the balk was because Cogswell School wasn’t opened this school term.

Wm Whiting is at John Boyd’s and bought cattle in Tripp Co. after delivering his herd of horses to Pat Landon and Joe Iddings at Winner. He bought some cattle at Herman sale in Tripp County and some at George Cords (Gicks) on Tripp County line, and brought them to Boyds, then went to Rosebud Fair with Reva, Seth, Ramona Turgeon. Thomas Whiting and Elmer Chauncey took Stanley Whiting and his brother Dick Chauncey and broke down, so Wm Whiting and Elmer stayed the rest came home after the dance, and Carl Gehlsen went back to Rosebud Sunday and pulled Elmer’s car back to his home. Wm Chauncey’s and Wm went back to Boyd’s and had to go down to Cords again, for one of his cows went back.

I am all in, for this is the first day I stayed in the front room all day [since breaking her leg on May 29], and all the visiting, no wonder I am all in.