in Misc. Diary Entry

September 16, 1923 and 1938

September 16, 1923: Cloudy and rained nearly all day. Chas. Ward & Will went up to Spencer to Ward Hog as she operated on last night after Dr. Hines looked at her, and Everett & Ted came down with them. Mrs. Palmer & children there. On account of dampness we stayed indoors in p.m. and still tired from trip to Todd Co., so rest was good and refreshing.

September 16, 1938, Friday: Bright nice day, quite warm in the sun out of north breeze in p.m. I got meals. Will went horseback last evening to see Stanley about taking large barrow to Winner, and he brought home the mail. Stanley came this a.m. and took a hog to Winner Sale Pavilion, so will and I, after lunch, went to Winner to Sale, and Will got everyday shoes and groceries. Our hog weighed 490 pounds and brought $5.65 per hundred pounds.

Tom and Stanley had cattle for sale, also Harry Furrey had some there. We went on the east road and saw a man on horseback a mile south of 18, and at nearly the same place again on way home, that it seemed spooky, for he was going west each time