in Dust Bowl

September 15, 1923 and 1933

September 15, 1923

A bright day but South wind blew so strong and dusty and warmer. Everett Ward who stayed here while we were away plowed forenoon & Will & I & Mrs. Chas. Ward & Helen put pigs in hog house and in p.m. Everett went home and on to Spencer with us. Nellie’s Birthday and Dave’s a week ago. Ernest Palmer selling out and going back to Virginia next week.

September 15, 1933, Friday

Misty, very cold, cloudy, in p.m. a little brighter, sun shone awhile but towards eve clouded and dust-storms and sprinkle of rain. I staid in my room and went to table for dinner and supper, was so cold in a.m. I had to wrap. I looked at catalogs trying to find something warm for a little money but no decide, also played solitaire. Maggie ironed clothes, mended some, sewed on her red skirt, got meals and waited on me. Narvin to pasture and hauled hay in p.m. and drove out some horses. He has sore eyes from dust yesterday taking horses to Witten. Noble Moore brought saddle-horses back as he got in from Witten in the night. His eyes are swollen nearly shut from dust, same as Narve’s. Narvin said that Curtie Elshire got back from Winner to-day but no Wm here yet. Ben Clausen brought back wrench and rope and was all up-set on account of high price of twine he had Will order at Whiting Store some time ago. Curtie Elshire came looking for pigs late p.m. and Bud Whiting driving cattle in a.m.