in Misc. Diary Entry

September 10, 1923 and 1929

September 10, 1923

A bright, cold forenoon, but midday warmer and late p.m. cold as North Wind. We dined on prairie, got Ed’s, they making hay and Jake to Okreek. Agnes Fallis gone to Mission.

September 10, 1929

Will and I went to Oscar Jackson’s Home to Legion and Auxiliary Meetings, but we just visited, had a nice lunch, cocoa to drink and all the watermelons we could eat. Those there were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sully, Dorthy Mae and Marjorie, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Karnes and Dorthy Marie, Jay Tate, Curt Elshire, Oscar Jackson, Joseph, Joan and Alice, Grandma W.W. Wilcutts, Jackson’s Mother, Will and I. Adjourned to Meet at O’Kreek in Oct. at Ray Loggerwell House.

We got home at 2:30 a.m. Harry and Louise were married Sept. 1st and the girls are at St. Mary’s Academy, O’Neill, Nebr., so I am only cook now.