in Misc. Diary Entry

September 11, 1941

September 11, 1941, Thursday

South wind quite strong and dusty, but Will took me up to the Park at Valentine, Nebraska, where I read Radio Magazine, had a little root beer and enjoyed the cool breeze under the trees, in fact, just cool and could scarcely feel the breeze. This Park has Tables and Benches and fire-places, Cabins and Dance Pavilion.

First time I was here since before our marriage. I was at a Dance with Lila (Mary) Mrs. Peter Boltz, St. Francis, and Louise Bordeaux, and Frank Hall took us home and then to the Home Bakery for a lunch, that is to the Chicago House, where we stayed, and Lena Herman, Hermione and Neva, her small daughters, and Lena, widow of Willie Herman, they stayed at the tent with Aunt Sophie Schweigman and Jake Schweigman Family, Jake, wife and 2 twins Ada and Edna. There was a Chantangua [Chautauqua?] in the Park, and some people got fooled and camped on the hill north of town, thinking it was to be a celebration for them.

This day Will got repairs for the car and got it fixed and came for me, then we got groceries and gas and came home to chore and supper. Joe Bailey, Winner McNess Products Salesman came at noon. Will and I had fried chicken for dinner and supper.