in World War II era

September 8, 1943 and September 9, 1923

September 8, 1943, Wednesday. Still Northwest wind blew so hard Van Epps could only put 2 loads in barn from the meadow north of barn. He went home for dinner and moved hay at Wagner feed lot. I listened to Radio for Italy surrendered and it was so exciting. Bob Meyers came to the barn and talked to W.D. but went away at noon. Will and Abbott mowed, finished north of hills. I laid down in p.m. and cooked cabbage and carrots, played Solitaire. This is Dave’s birthday. May he rest in peace.

September 9, 1923: A bright hot Dusty day as wind from South so strong. We all went to church and in p.m. after Bronco Riding looked at land S. W. west and South St. Francis towards Kilgore, Nebr. and in eve went to Mission. The Jarboe family visited in p.m.