in Misc. Diary Entry

September 7, 1933 and September 8, 1923

September 7, 1933, Thursday: Bright, hot day. I went to sewing machine and sewed a dress for myself and finished Will’s night-shirt and in p.m. Maggie helped me wash my hair, first time since my misfortune last May and it dried in a hurry. Maggie canned plums and all the other every-day jobs. In late p.m. I started to cut string-beans that Mrs. John Boyd brought this a.m. and they were here yesterday also and to-day she and Mr. got a load of cow-chips in pasture, she also brought us some everlasting flowers. Narvin went to pasture and he and Will worked at Hay, bunching it for Curt never got tractor repairs he and Will ordered early morn at Ray Carr’s on mail from Valentine. He and Linfred Martin came in eve in truck and wanted to go to Witten tomorrow to get tractor repairs for those at Valentine, that came on mail, [were] too high. Curtis Elshire came horseback and he and Wm looked for hogs, got 2 pheasants and we had a nice dinner for we were real hungry for fresh game. In p.m. they went to Ross’s Store and Wm got some shells and some gum for us. Ben Clausen came late p.m. in wagon for some water, his well on bum.

* * * * * * *

September 8, 1923: A bright, hot day but cool morn. The men got up at 3:30, had cup coffee and took Nellie & Chas. Ward to catch train at Winner, S. Dak. at 9:45 a.m.. They came back at 1 p.m., some trip, must say. We did up work and made some pies and Mrs. Isaac Bettyhorn came to visit in p.m.