in World War II era

May 15-31, 1943

1943 May 15th Saturday

Rained last night and most of this forenoon was 50 above so cool, wind from N.E. changed to north, cloudy all day. I got meals, had to lay down in forenoon and afternoon but managed to finish brown dress, and put some clothes away. Will chored, went around cattle twice and another calf but small heifer not a calf yet. Will fixed a piece [of] galvanized for shelf in bread cabinet and the shelf west end [of] cook-stove by putting bolts in it. He took sacks to Whiting Store in Model A and Wm Van Epps and mailman stuck west [of] store so went there. Tom, Stanley, Jim Horton and Claude Van Epps along, got them out. Stanley will get us salt in these sacks at Valentine.

1943 May 16th Sunday

Sun shone nicely near noon after a cloudy morning and clouded again and a sprinkle of rain around 4 p.m. I put towels, sheets, underwear and nightgown on the line and they got damp when rained in p.m. but I brought them in to dry indoors. Yesterday when Will was at Whiting Store Jim Horton and Herman Schneiderweit told him that Mrs. Grayce Rodee (Floyd) found her husband dead out in the pasture where he went to look at his sheep. He had been plowing a field near by, tied the team to fence and no come home, so first children looked for him and no find, then she went out. This was last Thursday, so we thought that to-day might be the funeral and Will and I went to Tates, and they said that Mr. Rodee’s Funeral to be at Artesian near Aberdeen, S.D. No services in Mission, so we ate a fried chicken dinner at Tates, also biscuits, rhubarb pie, came home at 4:45 p.m. Will chored, we looked at cattle on way from Tates, so went to Wm Van Epps, got cream, looked [at] River Pasture fence, went to Wm Abbotts, had supper there and came home at 9:30 p.m. Jim Tate (Jay H’s brother) is going back to Omaha, Nebr., his former hand to stay for 10 months. He will leave on mail to Valentine tomorrow. Floyd Totton is at Wm Van Epps. he came to Mission on mail truck and Carl Gehlsen brought him to his place and out here to-day, also chick-feed.

1943 May 17th Monday

Was cloudy and damp but no rain, in the afternoon sun shone so was a nice eve. Will chored before seven o’clock as I had breakfast ready, he also went around cattle before breakfast as Stanley Whiting was bringing our cattle in from Wagner Place and state land. Wm Van Epps got Alabam and went out to help, also Wm Abbott and Billie came horseback, Tom Whiting in his car and Lloyd Totton brought Elsie, Billie and Margie down in Van Epps’ car, so men branded 48 heifer calves and 5 of them are mine. 53 steer calves, also castrated steer calves. Hilbert and Leonard Gran came in Gran’s car and Mr. Gunnick, County Assessor, came and assessed us, Wm Abbotts and Wm Van Epps. I laid down in p.m. and Billie also had a nap while Margie and Elsie washed the dishes. Elsie fixed Margie’s slacks and then men came in to eat a bite so we warmed things in a hurry, then ate at 5:15 p.m., then all went home. W.D. and Lloyd went home in Model A and chored while Elsie washed supper dishes, they then came back and all went home. I played solitaire in eve and am all in. It was cool enough to have fire in heater all day. Haven’t seen Bob Meyers for sometime and Mrs. Tate said that his mother died, so they had no Soil Meeting last week but was to have tomorrow night. We don’t know about Memorial and poppies yet.

1943 May 18th Tuesday

Sun shone, was a nice day. I got meals and Delores and Billy Abbott came horseback so she helped me put Tulip Transfers on black oilcloth for kitchen table, icebox, cupboard, bread cabinet stand and water-stand to hold water pails. I hope some day to have a sink in kitchen. I laid down in p.m., so she went horseback to Wm Van Epps to see Margie Totton, she came back as W.D., Billy and Lloyd Totten came to get their car and leave team and wagon, they got it this forenoon to haul 2 loads sand from pit west of our place on Platte Valley Land, also a load of rock from hills N.E. of here. They went home to put forms under kitchen and porch so to fill with cement to-morrow. Billy Abbott and Will went in Model A to look over cattle on River, for the men put them in River Pasture last eve. All have their calves, and a heifer on hay-meadow has a new calf to-day. Will and Billy fixed fence between us and Ben Clausen’s in the afternoon that the fence in River and Will waded river so his legs pain this eve. Billy and Delores went home, and Will and I went to Whiting Store when we got back. Buster and Louise were here. Mr. and Mrs. Antoine Cutschall. They stayed for supper and we visited awhile.

1943 May 19th Wednesday

Sun shone, was nice. I got meals, laid down in p.m., wrote in diary, played solitaire and read some for I am all in. Will chored and went with Model A to fix east and north side of River Pasture. he used Van Epps’ trailer. Van Epps and Totton came for cement as they are short to finish foundation.

1943 May 20th Thursday

Sun shone warm until in afternoon clouded, a shower then real cool in eve but sun shone at sunset beautifully. I got meals, laid down in p.m., played solitaire, cleaned the rust off of the Conservo Cooker, sewed all the buttons on Will’s 3 suits of underwear. Will chored, went to get the posts in Van Epps trailer that are piled south of Thomas Whiting’s and fixed fence south side of River Pasture and brought a load [of] posts home. Whitings are shearing sheep. Van Epps are fixing roof on their kitchen and porch and Will took trailer home. They came for our Model A Nobby tires to put on trailer for Stanley won’t go to Winner to-morrow and W.D. will haul his in his trailer, that is, hog to market. Will got 2 team and wire and posts ready in wagon, also greased wagon to go to hills to-morrow to fix fence.

1943 May 21st Friday

Strong south wind got dusty in places, but sun shone in eve, a few clouds in west. I got breakfast, fixed Will a lunch, laid down in p.m., sewed button and made button-holes on 4 [of] Will’s nighties, 3 of mine and 2 everyday dresses. I have pains in my left chest, I don’t know what causes them. I got supper as Will got in from fixing line fence between Winter and Wm Pierce Pasture. He went around to gate on north side of our pasture and came back all in but managed to chore in eve. He took team and wagon and lunch for noon. The Van Epps Family and Lloyd Totton went to Winner to-day. Wm Abbott came to get the trailer but as W.D. is using it, he went right back home, just as Will was leaving for fence fixing.

1943 May 22nd Saturday

Sun shone and was a nice day. I got meals, laid down in p.m. and baked bread and 4 mince meat pies, also went with Will to Whiting Store, took eggs, got groceries and mail. Will chored and went horseback to River Pasture to get Ben Clausen’s cattle out of pasture but there wasn’t any there, but saw an unbranded, ear not marked small calf, so he and I went in car but no see any so must be Ben’s. Wm Van Epps, Billie, Margie took Lloyd Totton to Mission to go back to Norris, S.D. on mail. Elsie to Winner with Elmer Chauncey and Mary Armbruster and Billie Abbott.

1943 May 23rd Sunday

Clouds and sprinkles of rain, cold Northwest wind, was real chilly when out in breeze but out of wind in trees in Hidden Timber, wasn’t so cold. I got breakfast. Will chored and took me to 11 o’clock Mass at St. Therese’s Chapel, Hidden Timber, and went to where Thomas and Stanley were listing corn in Curtis Wood Place south of Hidden Timber Park, then got me. W.D. Van Epps brought Margie some lunch to Hidden Timber and Will took her, and W.D. went back home for Billie has the measles. Mary Armbruster is there. She, Elsie and Elmer got their wedding and bridesmaid clothes at Winner yesterday. Billie Abbott was herding sheep for Elmer, so went along. Bob Meyers, Winner, brought the well digger and later the men will dig a well in our pasture and he went home to Winner late p.m. yesterday. We came home from church, got eats, went to picnic at Hidden Timber. Those there were Jackson and Schneiderweit schools, Mr. & Mrs. Wm Chauncey, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Claude Van Epps and Viola, Mr & Mrs. Chas. McCormick, Keith, Gene, Charles Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Wm Abbott, Delores, Billie, Cora Ann, Mrs. Wallace Gran, Betty and Leonard, Wallace isn’t so well with throat infection so wasn’t there, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Gran, Mary Ellen, Caroline, Jimmie, Willis, Virginia, Patty, Illaine, Elizabeth, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Horton, 2 daughters, 2 sons, Mr. & Mrs. Tate, Raymond, Dick, Dick Whiting, Mr. & Mrs. Chas Merdian, Mrs. Bob Merdian, son Eddie, Mrs. Jim Mann, Jim Jr., Delores Sell, Mr. & Mrs. Graydon Hallock, Judy and Graydon Blair, Margie Totton, Will and I, John Jansen, Harry and Florence who taught Jackson School, Mrs. Mann taught Schneiderweit School. We had baked beans, boiled beans, potato salads, scalloped potatoes, roast chicken, fried chicken, macaroni, chicken dressing, sweet and dill pickles, several kinds of sandwiches, pumpkin, mince, lemon and plum pies, white and dark cakes, lemonade, 3 kinds of Jello, cream and coffee. Mrs. Jim Horton brought a 6 qt. freezer of ice-cream and decorated birthday cake for it was their son Dean’s 11th birthday. Will and I came home for Will’s Mackinaw after dinner and went right back to get Margie for she was playing ball. The men played horse-shoe before and after dinner.

1943 May 24th Monday

Tom’s Birthday

Cloudy, rainy at times, then sun shone, northwest wind strong and cold. I got breakfast, Will chored and we went to Wm Abbotts, got him, went to Winner, had dinner at Ryan Cafe, got well cylinder fixed, also Conservo Cooker doors soldered for one was off. I got some magazines to read, rolls and candied fruit, had water so ate and read and slept in car, while Will and W.L. went to Horse Sale, both saddle & work, and until the horses were sold. Harry & Harley were there but neither he or Will got a saddle horse. We had supper at Wm Abbotts’ home late after 9 p.m. Will is cross because I went to town.

1943 May 25th Tuesday

Some clouds but sun shone and northwest wind was cool but we got cook-stove coal at Winner yesterday, so I am glad. I got meals, laid down in p.m. Will got in water so I washed clothes. He took water out and we both hanged them on line. He brought them in for I am all in but wrote in diary and folded the washing. Will had to get the work horses out of field for they got gate down east of creek while we were away yesterday. Thomas Whiting brought a ton or so of loose salt from Valentine and he and Will put in granary downstairs in barn. Van Epps works at home.

1943 May 26th Wednesday

Bright, not very warm, so Will took lunch and went to fix fence from Colombe Gate west to McKee Corner south to Dorian Land and west on this north line about half-way home to chore for Van Epps works at home. I didn’t do much, for lunched at noon, laid down in the afternoon. W.L. Abbott brought lister home.

1943 May 27th Thursday

Sun shone, was nice day. Will chored, went to Van Epps to list corn, lay dull so took to Mission, had dinner there, brought home ice-cream, we ate it then he went to list but still radiator boiled so they quit and helped Elsie awhile painting kitchen, then home. I got chickens to coop as rain came so Will went back to paint until chore-time. I did usual work.

1943 May 28th Friday

Some clouds and lightening and only a little rain. Lightning struck west of John Wright’s on Crazy Hole and burnt a mile wide and 2 long north for breeze from south and a lot of people got it under control south of Devorak’s field. W.D. and Will went to Abbotts but he is at Winner so no get him to use his tractor to-day, so Will helped paint Van Epps sitting room and he and W.D. went to the prairie fire and got back in late p.m. to paint some more. They took Ben Clausen from the road by school-house as he left his horse there. I got meals, that is breakfast and supper for Will ate dinner at Van Epps. Laid down in p.m. and ironed a few pieces.

1943 May 29th Saturday

Bright, warm day. Will chored and went via Van Epps to take mail for Standard Oil man brought it here yesterday when he brought gas, then on to Wm Pierce’s to help put up a windmill across the fence from Northwest corner [of] our Big Pasture. Mr., Mrs., Leah and Bobby Pierce came in eve to tell Will to help up [at] the mill to-day. Wm Abbott came with his tractor and he and Wm Van Epps listed in Van Epps’ corn east of Wagner House. I sewed on curtains for Van Epps’ windows yesterday and finished to-day and got only breakfast and supper. Lunched at noon and laid down awhile.

1943 May 30th Sunday

Cloudy and some rain this morning but a rain that didn’t last long at noon when we were at Mission Episcopal Cemetery. Anderson, Sazama, and Will decorated graves here, also at O’Kreek, both Catholic and Episcopal graves. We had a picnic dinner at Mission Hall, those there were Mr. & Mrs. Art Estes, Mr. &  Mrs. Arnold Moser, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sazama, Alice, Edward, Thomas, Johnnie, Shirley, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Anderson, Raymond and Pauline. Pauline is working in Beauty Parlor, Winner, but home on Sundays. Raymond graduated from Mission High this spring. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sell, Delores, Gerald, Howard, Donald Ray, Gerry Dean, Will and I, Mrs. Grayce Rodee and Donna. Floyd Rodee who died of a heart attack was buried a week ago at Artesian, S.D. We went to Van Epps before going to Memorial Exercises, then to Tom Sazama’s, took Mr. along and Anderson in their car to O’Kreek and Mission. Stopped at Carl Gehlsen’s. Carl is in Valentine Hospital but Joe and Rita Marie and Bobby are at home at White Eagle Filling Station. We brought out dishes to Van Epps just as Bill was going to Winner. We came home, got different clothes back to help Elsie and Lloyd Totton, whom Bill Van Epps and W.L. Abbott got at Mission yesterday a.m. and Elmer took his place to help work and Elmer brought him and took Mary to-day. Van Epps washed clothes and Will and I helped Lloyd. Elsie, Viola, Margie moved furniture.

1943 May 31st Monday

Sun shone to-day. Will chored, talked to Wm Abbott, who came to list Van Epps’ corn but W.D. is helping women folks get ready for the Wedding and he went to Mission to get some things from Carl Gehlsens to fix for the wedding. Abbott went home. Will went to Whiting Store, took eggs and got bread, came back sick to lay down. He had a headache and sweated a lot. I got breakfast, baked 2 angel food cakes and took to Van Epps and looked at cattle after we ate [at] about 5 p.m. for I laid down when cakes baked, so no dinner. Elmer, Mary, Cloe cleaned church.