in Memorial Day

May 21-31, 1933

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1933 May 21 Sunday

A bright, beautiful morning until 9 a.m., then started to cloud to west and north, and at about 10:30 a.m. a real rain storm, and in p.m. the sun shone bright and lovely, but was muddy. The men partly chored before breakfast, and Wm and I went to the store, got gas and oil and a few groceries, then on to Wm Pierce where we stopped awhile until the rain quit, but before we got to Pierce’s, the engine got wet and the car stopped during the worst rain, but finally we went on to Pierce’s, then after the rain tried the grade to edge of hills, and put chains on to get into pasture, then home, but Will, Narvin and John Wisenberger and Ben Clausen who came had dinner, so we had ours. We lost our radiator cap south of Pierce’s, so he loaned us one.

Will and Narvin went to the hills to see if Mr. Rumolfson of north-east Winner was coming with his cattle, but he did not come. Jerry Karnes was here on horseback in p.m., and we all talked chicks. Curtie and Dutch Elshire were here this a.m. during the rain. They come to get Grandpa Elshire’s mare and colt. I didn’t mention that Wm and I were started to get Fred Larmer at Harry’s and take him to St. Francis to be confirmed.

1933 May 22nd Monday

Bright and a real strong south wind, until a real dust-storm in p.m., then clouded and the wind was so strong it wrecked the shed, the west foundation of coop, and tore shingles off the house, broke a storm-window and a real rain also was from south into the night. The men chored and Wm listed in corn and Narvin took some steers to pasture and got Elshires’ cattle, but this evening some went back. I got meals, gathered cobs, mended stockings, and gathered lambs-quarters for supper. Will went to Valentine to send lease-payments to Rosebud, took Erban Brown, and Dr. Warrick examined his arm, but could not tell what is wrong, but tubercolated, and he got chain-hoist and Pat Karnes and came home in dust-storm. Harold Ross and Harold Whiting here with a note from Mr. Ross in a.m.

1933 May 23rd Tuesday

Rain from south in morning, wind changed to west, quit raining but oh! the wind all day, cloudy, cold. The men chored and Will started to Valentine but broke axle on car so came back, and Narvin took team and wagon and hauled him to Erban Brown’s, and he rode in with mail-man to see about Insurance. The boys put stirrup straps on Will’s saddle.

1933 May 24th Wednesday

Bright, nice day. Wm and Narvin chored and Wm went to list corn in our field. Ben came yesterday p.m., helped Narvin and Wm skin a hog, and they brought it in this morning when Narvin went home to stay, while his Parents went for Sam, Ella and Effie at St. Francis. Will stayed at Valentine last night and came back with the Mail-man to-day, and walked down from the store and helped cut meat in p.m. I got meals and worked at meat. Mose Boyd, Curtie, Dutch, Harlie Brown and Dan and B. J. Wagner either stopped or went by, also John Sundquist went to the store yesterday.

1933 May 25th Thursday

This is a beautiful ascension Thursday. Leslie Yenglin of Rosebud stayed all night. He is Co. Assessor. Erban Brown came last p.m. and took care home, and to-day he came to fix shingles on our roof and Will took him home in p.m., then he and I went to Sazama’s, O’Kreek, Bergins and home. We delivered poppies. Wm went to the store and on to John Boyd’s and he and Narvin came back in evening via Noble Moore’s, also they went to Tony Martin. Will cut some meat.

1933 May 26th Friday

Bright, nice day. The men chored and Will went to Frank Carroll’s via Ed Whiting’s, and part of the Family were at Rosebud with Lemoyne who is sick. Narvin went to the big pasture and Wm listed corn. I got meals and fussed with meat.

1933 May 27th Saturday

Bright until in p.m. clouded and towards evening a real rain-storm and hail, but no damage. I got meals and fussed with meat, mopped floors. Will and Narvin made sausage, cleaned yard, dug or started to dig toilet hole. Wm listed corn out here. Roy was here and looked about his horses twice this week.

1933 May 28th Sunday

Bright but at times some clouds and a sprinkle of rain at mid-day, nice late p.m. Narvin, Wm and I went to Communion for Fr. Martin stayed here last night. The men chored and Will finished them. Narve and Wm shaved before church. Ed and family, all but Seth, came for dinner, and then Bud, Stanley, Thomas and Seth brought Mr. Martin B–, Mission, for he broke down at the store and they got an axle from Ed’s Old Oldsmobile and they traded it to him for a radio.

Roland Wilcutts came from Ora Daywitt’s on horseback, and also Ben came and Leo rode Roland’s horse to Hidden Timber, and the Men went in our car, and I went in Ed’s. Rained showers, so Ben, Will and I went to Browns to get Wheel fixed on car. I visited with Mrs. Wheeler, Lucenia and Norman, then we went to Ball-game, Kewanee vs. Hidden Timber. We took Mrs. Wheeler and Lucenia home, also Ben Clausen, got seed corn at Ross’s, back to Wheeler’s store where Narvin went along to Rothley’s, and Tate’s where we had supper, got corn sheller and home. Got Wm at store in evening. Sadie, Thomas, Madge and Marcia Branian back from Madison this p.m.

1933 May 29th Monday and Days Following

Will and Narvin Boyd went to Bad Nation in North Mellette Co., S. D. to get Narvin’s Dress Hat and Suit, and were not home until 10:30 p.m. All plans were for us to go to Memorial Services at O’Kreek tomorrow.

I canned and fried Pork and was just about finished when, with Pains in Stomach, went out the back door, got to the path to the Toilet, and the Men had dug a 4 ft. hole, threw dirt from this hole to the path, and rain of last night made it slippery, so down I went into this hole with several inches of water.

I braced both my arms in this water and called for Wm Whiting, who was reading in the front room. He came and lifted me to the edge of the hole, but couldn’t do much as my left leg was numb. He got me out of the hole. I couldn’t put weight on my leg so crawled to house by using 2 arms and right leg. Wm wanted to carry me in, but I thought I was too heavy.

With his help, I got on the Porch and into our Bed Room. He lifted me in bed, gave me a glass of water, some aspirins and said not to move. As only a saddle‐horse that was not too trusty was in barn, he ran west to Tom and Sadie’s. Met LeRoy Kropp and wife and Jerome Jamison and wife and 2 children at Bridge, and they were coming from Winner in a Car. They came down here in a hurry and saw Wm, Sadie and Thomas in Tom’s Car, then Will and Narvin returned.

They got me ready to go to Rosebud Hospital. Thomas and Will took me in their Car. Left Sadie home. Wm and Narvin stayed home to finish meat cooking, as this is Memorial Day beginning after mid‐night. Got me to the Hospital at about 2 a.m., had to go slow. Put me in South Ward downstairs and foot was swelling, so packed it. Large Bone from ankle on left leg was cracked lengthwise. I was put to sleep, as Dr. Kempers said, on daylight would X Ray.

Will and Thomas went to Hotel for a room and were back after breakfast as they were not to wake me, as I was drugged a lot. No Power, as this is Memorial Day, and all help left for Places for exercises. Some here and there, so Dr. fixed me as comfortable as could be until 5 p.m. when power was on, and Will and Dr. took me up Stairs to X Ray with Nurse’s help. X Ray showed Large Bone Cracked length wise, so they bandaged it and sent for Dr. Davis of Pineridge Hospital, a Bone Specialist. When he comes, they will put me in a steel brace when swelling goes down then to cast.

Will and Thomas went to O’Kreek this a.m. to Legion Program, then Geo. O’Conners took Will home and Narvin and Wm. took lunch to O’Kreek such as Roast Pork, Bread, Cake, Milk and Butter. These days we had to make all home made, so had all was fixed yesterday. Geo. O’Conners took Will in his car to Mission to help Decorate Graves and then back to O’Kreek to Dinner. Will then went on to me at Hospital. It was my wish the he do all he could, also the boys. Wm. Whiting and Narvin Boyd did fine with lunch. Some one brought them home from O’Kreek with all pans, etc. Will stayed at Rosebud this late p.m., until bed-time, went to Hotel for night. Had nurse to call him if needed and I got fussy.

My leg was put in steel brace as Dr. Davis came, so I am where I cannot move. Will went home to see how boys are doing. He came back in evening and said all meat was put in basement and Kitchen cleaned and mopped. All the Pork is cooked and in Jars covered with fryings and Lard, so Men can Batch awhile. Dr. says it will be two weeks before I can go home.

As days pass, my leg was in a cast. Plans to go home are made each day as Will comes in Morning and again in evening, has to help boys with work part time in day. Maggie Gehlsen, Sister of Carl, works at Supt. Roberts, and she will quit and come home with Will.

We left June 14, Flag Day, and I am in bed, only when they take me out to sit side ways at Table to eat. They put me in back seat of Car and took me on July 4th, 1933 to Legion and Aux. Celebration at O’Kreek. I have a lot of pictures of this Big time taken by Maggie, as she is best helper we could have, and will put them on extra Sheet. Will and I cannot do much now to help Legion and Aux.

Maggie stayed with us for 1 1/2 years, then I could walk with 1 crutch and a cane, but had to not do much as my left hip gives me bother now.