in Misc. Diary Entry

April 1-5, 1953: Calving

1953 April 1st, Wednesday

April Fool’s Day

Bright, windy from South but warm. Men gave cattle hay and went to Stanley’s to dehorn. Dick Whiting and Cecil Farmer were there helping men, had a lunch and dehorned 10 or 15 last year calves. Was a smoke at Ed Whiting’s, so they went up there. Ora Daywitt, Ed Sr., Edward Jr. with a tractor and Leo were burning old manure and hay but had it plowed in a lot, must be fixing for a garden so could control the fire. They came home via Mail and got a field glass, real small for us from Segal, Cincinnati, Ohio, and card to say records to come next week. Betty no come up this day. I am still making quilt covers and get eats.

1953 April 2nd Thursday

It snowed last night and continued now and then to-day, was 6 or 7 inches deep. Will and Dan went out with Ford Tractor with scoop on back, brought in 3 new calves, then ate breakfast and got more. Brought 1 in kitchen and later it got O.K. and another one Dan found North Side of Place, it was too cold and bawled now and then all day, we had to eat in Front Room. Will put it in hay mow but no doubt he died soon. I got eats and sewed on quilt blocks and had to mop kitchen this eve on account of calves brought in the house. Betty no come up on account of snow.

1953 April 3rd Friday

Bright and snow is thawing. Men gave cattle hay. A calf 2 weeks old that would suck only bottle and finally its mother was in box-stall, its Mother [was put] out and men put another cow and calf in there and this cow stepped on 2 wk old calf and killed it dead, but another cow won’t claim her calf so Men put the cow whose calf was stepped on in with this calf and skinned a piece of dead calf, tied it around new calf and she claimed it right now. Usual pastime & work for me. Betty washed clothes.

1953 April 4th Saturday

Bright thawing day so snow is going fast. Men gave cattle 2 stacks of hay so no want to haul tomorrow. Wales went to Mission this late p.m. and evening and were at Thomas’s last eve. men had to fuss with cows and calves, got 10 new calves to-day. Usual pastime and meals and finished quilt top at noon after dinner. I washed all the dishes, cut out some square blocks of prints, and will put together with white and plain Percale. Read in evening.

1953 April 5th Sunday

Sun shone and real chilly wind from the South, cloudy in eve. Glen Cole, wife and son and I don’t know if Donna came to Wales. They went home about 5 p.m. but came at 10 a.m. this forenoon. Men went to River South of House to fish but too chilly to get any fish. Will had to go to cows quite often, only 4 calves this day. We played part of game of Canasta and I got eats and played Solitaire.