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April 1-7, 1933. No oats, no oats, no oats

1933 April 1st Saturday

Rained this early morning so we never planned on cane-threshing until Narve and Wm said that machine pulled to cane. Will got in at 10:30 p.m. as he was at O’Kreek on way back from Wood to see Mr. Paulson about sending in John and Sam Gaul’s time and he has a headache and is all in to-day but went to cane-field when Boys said that machine pulled in and Bud Whiting here to-day so he and Narve told Roy, and he came in rack, went to Ben and traded a puppy for a bushel of potatoes and back here for dinner. The men stayed indoors on account of colds and a N.W. breeze not pleasant. I got meals and baked cinnamon Rolls & Bread.

1933 April 2nd Sunday

Snow and it would melt when it touched ground and rain at times, just a squally day but sun would shine in a few minutes. I got breakfast and the men chored, then Will helped me wash dishes, in fact finished washing them and I got ready. Ben Clausen came and we went to Tripp Co., stopped at Loren Walton’s on way down and left R.F.C. garden seeds, on to Mike Walton’s, no oats, on Brinkman’s, oats 20 cents per bu., on to Hermann’s, no oats, to Wendts, no oats, to Billing’s place, no one home, to old McFarland place, no oats, to Jake Pfieffers, no oats, to V.A. Sorensen’s, Clearfield and got 360 bu. oats at 14 1/6 cents per bu., on to Sorensen’s brother, a mile south of V.A., inquired about seed-corn and he wants 75 cents a bushel so no buy, started home, came to new grade in Todd Co. to W.B. Cate place and Son home so we then went on new grade to old Hancock road to Cady, on to Koepp’s and Cousers, to store and home. Wm and Narvin here all day and Harry, Louise, Harley, Dorthy Mae and Fred Larmer here to-day so Louise got dinner. Stanley & Bud Whiting came before breakfast and got a new born colt or about 3 days old. Will gave them the colt to raise by hand.

1933 April 3rd Monday

Bright, nice until p.m. wind blew quite strong from N.W. and some clouds. The men chored and Wm and Narvin went east to Moore Creek and Narvin went home and Wm fixed fence on Moore Creek. Will hauled a load of oats-hay to the stock and in p.m. he went to thresh-cane on Ben’s for Mr. Wheeler was here this a.m. John Wisenberger here at noon. Ben and Tom Whiting went to V. A. Sorensen’s, Clearfield, and got 126 bu. of oats. I got meals. Roy helped in p.m. with cane.

1933 April 4th Tuesday

Bright, cold N.W. breeze. Wm and Will chored and Wm fixed corral on Moore Creek and Will fed stock and got cane seed in p.m. at Ben’s and put the seed in granary. I got meals and baked a cake. Mr. Jacharius of Clearfield brought a load of Earl Adrian’s household things and stayed all night.

1933 April 5th Wednesday

Flurry of snow and a N.W. breeze all day and was cold. The men chored and Earl Adrian and his father stopped to get the 4 horse Hay-rack load of things and Earl took them on to Paramelee, their new home, and Mr. Adrian took Mr. Jacharius back to Clearfield. Will got cane for stock and gave them alfalfa in p.m. Wm. showed Adrians the road to the store and Ben and Tom came with a load of oats at noon and Wm went along in p.m. to Sorensen’s and they back for late supper and left 50 bu. oats at Lattimores for a lot of speltz we got last Fall. I got meals and a cold in head is very disagreeable so I don’t do much.

1933 April 6th Thursday

A strong wind and Bright and a little warmer. I got meals and not much else. The men chored and Wm went to Moore Creek to make fence and had dinner at Elshires. Will fed stock and he and I went to Tate’s and store and Wagners. Wilbur and Lloyd Fitch brought a load of corn. Roy here in p.m.

1933 April 7th Friday

Bright and clouds in p.m. but warm. Strong S.E. wind. Will fed stock and visited with Mr. Boyd, Narvin and Henley, also Ed, Rena, Clarence and Yvonne. I started to wash clothes and meals. Wm worked all day at his fence.

  1. The April 7 entry, it would be Narvin and Henley. Henley was called Mose.

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