in Depression era

March 26-31, 1933

1933 March 26th Sunday

Bright day but N.W. breeze cool. The men chored and Will took Narvin, Wm and I to church and we went to Communion and Will went to Allen’s and Sydney Pitt’s, after dinner Will and I went to Geo. Smith’s, on to Brewer’s, Joe Kuontsky’s [?], O’Kreek where Will saw Hans Paulson about road work for R. F. C. [Reconstruction Finance Corporation] men, back to Furrey’s, no one home, on to Bechstels, on to L. Walton’s, Rock Creek Store to see Mr. Ross there, and to Wheelers and home to chore and get supper. Wm and Narvin went to Curt Elshire’s in p.m. on horse-back and read magazines in eve.

1933 March 27th Monday

Bright, nice day. A S.W. breeze. The men chored and Will had a cold in head so rested in a.m. then went to Jim Dowd to look at R.F.C. Road-work, home to a late dinner. Wm and Narve went to Moore Creek to feed Horses hay and brought back wagon home in p.m. drove a Broncho for him and brought back a wagon-wheel from between the Rivers. Roy went along to Ben’s and he was here in a.m. also. Ben came in a.m. and he helped me dress roosters that Wm and Narve killed. We dressed 7, and Wm picked 2 Turkeys, so have a lot of meat.

1933 March 28th Tuesday

Bright, nice day. The men chored and Will got a load of hay for stock in hills and was all in when he got back on account of cold and he went horse-back to cane on Ben’s, on to see Wheeler about threshing cane, home via store but Leroy Koepp had brought our mail and wanted [to] see Will so met him at store on way back. Ben came in wagon to get some lumber in p.m. as he is hauling corn from Jim Horton’s in a.m. Ben Fitch and Wilbur came to sell 50 bu. of shell corn in p.m. Wm & Narve drove Bronchos in p.m. I got meals and roasted a turkey. Isaac Afraid of Bear and wife Elsie Bad Whirlwind came to lease their land south of place to us.

1933 March 29th Wednesday

Bright, nice day. The men chored and Will gave cattle a load [of] alfalfa, fixed a gate and went to Pat Karnes and Allen just to town to-day so no oats. Wm and Narve drove 2 bronchos to Moore Creek one in a.m. and one in p.m. and took poles over there. I got meals but am all in with a cold in throat and head, also Wm and Narvin have it now and Will is better.

1933 March 30th Thursday

A bright, nice day and men chored and Will gave stock alfalfa and fixed a stall in barn and Wm & Narve took poles to M.C. I got meals and we are still all in with colds. Wm Pierce spent p.m. here. Swan Nelson’s boy got Noah Wright’s seeder. John Sundquist went to store so got our mail. A Totton boy brought L. Loyd’s road-work time. Stanley and Harold (Bud) Whiting came for a guinea rooster and spent the eve here.

1933 March 31st Friday

Bright, nice day and clouded in eve. I got meals and gathered cobs. The men chored and Will went to see men on R. F. C. work, on to Mission to see Dr. Smith, to Wood to see about oats, not home at Bed-time. Narve & Wm started a corral on Wm’s place.