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March 18-31, 1923

Near Spencer, Nebraska

March 18, 1923: A bright day but cold N. W. wind and blew quite hard at times. Will went over the River for cows and Chas. Ward came back for milk and stayed until p .m. and they played rummage. I made a pumpkin pie and fixed dinner and towards evening wrote to Walcott & Walcott Sears for catalogue & J. K. Waring, Geneva, Nebr. Had headache.

March 19, 1923: Bright in forenoon, cloudy in p.m. and sprinkled, but evening clear. Will hauled bedding & alfalfa for hogs and in p.m. went to town to M. L. S. Co. Sale. I finished machine-work on shirts.

March 20, 1923: Bright at times and cloudy in evening but warm all day. Will & Chas. Ward took hog to Ableidingers and weighed it as Ward wants to butcher it today, they also took barrel over and got some water for us. Will went to Ableidingers to help castrate calves and stayed for supper. I tried to work but finished bread and not much else as had cold in head until it ached. Chas. Ward came for food chopped in evening. Floyd Sherlock came for Ramclouskek bull this noon. Guy Coen brought horse here.

March 21, 1923: Cloudy all day and snowing forenoon but p.m. stopped, damp and appearance of rain. Will did up chores after he found cows at Schummers and took them over the river after Mr. J. Ableidinger & Rudolph Johnson vaccinated our 6 young cattle, and he got in horses and in p.m. went up town and got some coal and took cream and got a new 3 gal. cream can. I wrote letters in forenoon and p.m. washed the clothes as my head & cold is getting better. Will is so-so.

March 22, 1923: Cloudy in morning and quite cold, but rest of day bright and warmer, so a nice evening. Will went over and got cows at Brads and Charles came back with him to phone for alfalfa and then Will went over for water & bedding for pigs in barn, and in p.m. laid down awhile as he had a headache & cold. Towards evening he took alfalfa to hogs so I went alone to Wards as hung out clothes & mopped in the a.m., and cut out dress in p.m.

March 23, 1923: Quite windy forenoon and dusty, clouds passed over but nice towards evening, a cold N. W. wind all day. Will finished chores and started to fix coop, that is nests and put lathe on hog-shed cracks and took a little rest as he had a headache. I sewed on dress, light green one and finished all but three snaps. Will went over to put hogs back in evening.

March 24, 1923: Ford Day at Spencer and a bright day, except in morning a little cloudy and a little cool. Will took corn to hogs in forenoon and in p.m. went up town to get things and see who got the Ford. Chas. Benedict got the car. I cut and sewed a gingham dress for self. Will had a headache all day, also a cold. I am so so.

March 25, 1923: Snowed quite a bit early forenoon but stopped at noon and clear toward evening and was cold. Will did up chores and rested. We ate at 3 p.m. and lunched in evening. I picked out some goods for coat & dress and it made me tired. Will still has a headache and sore throat.

March, 26, 1923: A bright, warm day. Will did chores and started to pick seed-corn, then went to Spencer to get incubator soldered and flour at Mill before dinner. Charles came at noon so he & Will finished seed corn for present and started to haul corn from ground to pile, after supper they rode up town on Peavine & Lazzes. I made 2 sun bonnets and looked over old clothes. Will has a sore throat and Chas. no appetite so grape juice tonic for us all.

March 27, 1923: A nice day all day and quite cool at times. Chas. finished putting corn on pile. Will did the chores, then they took corn to hogs and Will went on up to Knolls for spreader while Chas. got water for here. In p.m. they cleaned barn and went to Spencer to get incubator and take in Bailey fire sale of goods. I made 2 waists, baked bread, churned butter. Will still has a sore throat.

March 28, 1923: Bright day but south wind cold in a.m. and quite strong at noon and warmer in p.m. Men finished cleaning Hog house and Barn manure then plowed lot. Mr. S— appraiser, came in evening. I started to clear south room.

March 29, 1923: A bright day, warm in forenoon but cold N. wind in p.m. Chas. helped Mrs. wash clothes. Will fixed incubator, finished plowing lot and got water & hauled alfalfa. I finished Alabastine south room. Rm. & Mrs. B. Ellsworth came for eggs to set hens in forenoon and Pat Langan stopped awhile waiting for Mr. Ableidinger.

March 30, 1923: A bright day and very cold N. wind in forenoon and p.m. a little warmer. The Men cut posts in forenoon and p.m. took oats to Mill to be ground and went on up town. I mopped floor in south room and varnished it.

March 31, 1923: A bright day and very cold South wind and quite strong at midday. Chas. came over and went to Knolls for hay rack and got some alfalfa and then some wood where the men cut posts. Will helped me with separating and then covered arm chair and in p.m. they drove 3 hogs to Spencer and the mill and to Alex Wards, got ground feed at the Mill. I finished putting things in place in south room and mopped the kitchen and ironed the clothes.

  1. Lisa
    In the March 18th entry, it would have been “they played cribbage”.


    • I had wondered that, too, but she definitely spelled out rummage. Maybe she meant rummy?

  2. You could be right. The word definitely ends in age but there are a lot of letters in it.

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